Dress Code

Uniform in the Sixth Form is important as we recognise that at this stage in their education students should be allowed an increased freedom in what they can wear. We also value the role we play in preparing them for the wider world of work. Our expectations are in line with many work places and this allows students to establish an understanding of the expectations that may be placed on them in the future.  Sixth Form students are role models for younger students and as such we would like all them to support the rest of the school community in wearing their uniform smartly and by following the guidelines below.

Boy’s Uniform

  • Suit
  • Tie
  • Plain shirt with collar
  • Smart plain dark shoes
  • Lanyard identification

Girl’s Uniform

  • Smart business skirt or trousers
  • Plain shirt or blouse with collar
  • Plain cardigan/jumper with round or V-neck or a business jacket
  • Plain tights
  • Smart plain dark shoes
  • Lanyard identification

No outdoor clothing should be worn inside the school building. No facial piercings or extreme hairstyles and only subtle jewellery/make-up are allowed.