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External Examinations

Summer examinations for GCSE and A Level will be:

13th May to 26th June 2019 (GCSE)

13th May to 26th June 2019 (A Level)

Provisional exam timetables are available to view for A Level, GCSE and BTECs.

Please note that Wednesday 26th June 2019, has been designated as a “contingency day” for examinations by the exam boards. It is part of their standard contingency planning for examinations in the event of a national or local disruption to examinations.
Schools have been asked to remind candidates that they must remain available until this date in case an exam board needs to action their contingency plan.

Assessments, controlled assessments and practical examinations are conducted throughout the year. Students need to be aware of the JCQ Candidate Information notices relating to these assessments, and these are available for you to view (see below).

Entries for summer examinations are made during February. Following the submission of these entries, all students will be issued with a Statement of Entry via their form tutors. These Statement of Entries must be checked and any concerns must be raised with Mrs Johnstone at the earliest opportunity.

Students will be issued with a provisional exam timetable by early April, and they will receive their final exam timetable (with full rooming/seating information) after the Easter holidays. Please note that these timetables will only show dates and times for written exams. Oral and practical examinations are timetabled by the Subject Head of Department.

A parents’ information evening will be held on Thursday 7th March relating to the process for examinations and the rules and regulations surrounding them, and all parents are welcome to attend.