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Internal Examinations

Internal Examinations are timetabled for each year group as shown below:

Year Group                               Proposed Dates

7                                         1st April to 5th April 2019

8                                         25th March to 29th March 2019

9                                         18th February to 22nd February 2019

10                                       26th November to 14th December 2018

11                                       26th November to 14th December 2018

12                                       24th June to 28th June 2019

13                                       7th January to 11th January 2019

All students will be issued with their exam timetable and this will also be available here for information:

KS4 Progress Exams Timetable

Y9 Exam Timetable 2019

All internal examinations will take place in either the Main Hall or Sports Hall and students are expected to follow JCQ rules and regulations that are set for external examinations.