Summer School

Summer School Summary

Boroughbridge High School was delighted to run a highly successful summer school with the support of DfE funding.

The summer school ran from Monday August 9th – Friday August 13th 2021.

64 students attended out summer school, they were all in year 6 and from our feeder primary schools.

The students experienced a number of activities to support their transition to secondary school including:

  • Sporting challenges
  • Teambuilding activities and Basic First Aid with the Fire Brigade
  • Creative writing
  • Science Experiments
  • Geography
  • History
  • Fun with Numbers
  • Make your own animation in computing
  • Play some instruments in music

Financial Summary

The school received £11,265 from the DfE to cover the costs of running the summer school.   The vast majority of this funding (approx. £7000) was used to cover the staffing costs of teachers, and teaching assistants.  Other significant amounts were spent on catering to provide daily lunches to all students and staff (approx. £1800).   The rest of the funding was used to purchase curriculum resources (approx. £1600)   and for cleaning of the school (approx. £800).

Student Feedback

100% Agreed/ Strongly Agreed I enjoyed summer school

100% Agreed/ Strongly agreed I would recommend summer school to a friend

98.3% Agreed/Strongly Agreed I feel more confident about coming to BHS

98.3% Agreed/ Strongly Agreed I felt safe at summer school

Initial impact

Since returning to school in September, we have seen the benefits of increased confidence, excellent attitude to learning and more developed social skills, in our year 7 students who absolutely loved our summer school and have made a highly successful transition to secondary school.