Associate Staff

Administration, Cover & Library
Ben AmblerAssistant Business Manager
Liz NelsonOffice/Library/Cover Manager & PA to HT
Sarah AllamFinance Administrator & Receptionist
Wendy FirthRecruitment Administrator & Receptionist
Polly Sewell*Pastoral Administrator & Receptionist
Amanda Haggath-Smith*Pastoral Administrator & Receptionist
Examinations & Data
Diane JohnstoneExaminations and Data Manager
Learning Support
Jill CollingsSenior Advanced Teaching Assistant
Laura Blake*General Teaching Assistant
Heather Coates*General Teaching Assistant
Peter Mitchell*General Teaching Assistant
Jacky Brown*General Teaching Assistant
Annette Weston*General Teaching Assistant
Georgia Lewis*General Teaching Assistant
Claire Leeming* General Teaching Assistant
Ruth Thompson*General Teaching Assistant
Mark RichardsonCover Supervisor/General Teaching Assistant
Steve Lough*Cover Supervisor/General Teaching Assistant
Nancy Webb*Cover Supervisor/General Teaching Assistant
Pastoral Support
Tammy Godsell-WrightLearning Manager & Pastoral Manager Year 11
Lynn Donnelly*Pastoral Manager Year 11
Glen CooperPastoral Manager Year 9 and 10
Helen LangfordPastoral Manager Year 7 and 8
Site Maintenance
John Chittock Site team
Colin Anderson Site team
Technical Support
Clare Hutchinson*Senior Science Technician
Terry CawoodGeneral Technician (Design Tech & Science)
Joanne Rumbold*General Technician (Food Tech & Art)
Craig LawtonIT Manager