Blog: 13th September 2019

Showing that they’re still on form, the Year 9 Football Team started the week well with a 7-0 victory on Monday evening. Year 7 boys began their lunchtime football practice this week with their first match next Thursday. Watch this space!

Just as the Year 9 football team were returning to school on Monday evening, Mr Grierson and I were on our way to the Service of Institution at St. Andrew’s Church, Aldborough to welcome the Reverend Karen Gardiner into our community.

Assemblies for Years 7 to 10 this week have focused on making a positive start and maintaining a positive attitude. Delivered by Mrs Godsell-Wright they’ve not surprisingly had a sporting twist with students being encouraged to think of the finishing line, identify what they need to do to get there and accept that a certain amount of resilience will be needed. This morning, as part of our Careers Programme, Year 11 found out from Mrs Rainbow about the visit that’s planned for them on Wednesday 2nd October to Skills Yorkshire at Leeds Football Club where they’ll be able to think of the future by finding out about a wide range of companies, colleges and organisations. Letters have gone out on ParentMail.

In classrooms this week we’ve had Year 7 creating veggie burgers in Food Technology before separating sand and salt from water in Chemistry and developing basketball skills in PE. Year 8 historians have been learning about Henry VIII whilst Year 9 were exploring mean, median and mode in Maths and preparing a python program using a simple while loop in ICT. Over in Science Year 10 were calculating density of materials, remembering to use the all important units in their answers whilst writing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde essays in English. Across all of the year groups, it has been particularly pleasing to see an increasing number of Reward stamps as the week has gone on, recognising the positive contributions that our students are making.

As temperatures start to fall a little, a quick reminder that if students would like to wear a jumper underneath their blazer (jumpers are optional, blazers are not!) then it should be a plain black knitted V-neck jumper. Round necks and sweatshirt type material are not allowed. We don’t have a school branded jumper in order to keep uniform costs down.

A reminder that we close at 2.30pm on Friday 27th September for the UCI World Championships.

Have a lovely weekend!