Headteacher’s Blog: 24th May 2019

Well it’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week! A-Level and GCSE exams have continued apace and on Wednesday morning, as Year 11 were avidly revising for their Science exam in the afternoon, excitement was mounting for the Year 8 football team and their many supporters. Kitted out in their new numbered shirts sponsored by ‘2 h Storage Solutions’, the team made their way to the ground in the school minibus closely followed by the coach of supporters. So imagine the scene, the Hawthorns, the spectators, the atmosphere then walking out on to the pitch were Claremont School (worth a google) followed by Team BHS for the final of a national competition! How many of you are imagining how you would have felt to play in a national final at such a prestigious location at their age?

It soon became clear that we were up against very strong opposition but our team got stuck in and played with energy and determination, demonstrating that they’d taken on the advice of Aaron Williams (Harrogate Town AFC) to never give up. The BHS supporters were there every step of the way singing ‘Boroughbridge’ in the style of the 90s ‘Vindaloo’ football chant. There were many highlights along the way including Will’s strike which hit the goal post, Harry’s passing skills and Alex’s phenomenal goalkeeping.  The BHS team played a committed game until the final whistle was blown. We’d lost the match but still had medals to collect to mark the great achievement of reaching the final and being runners up.

Up in the VIP box a governor and I had a half time conversation with the ESFA officials who revealed that our goalkeeper, Alex, was the best that they’d seen over the two days (that’s 12 matches with students of differing ages) so it was no surprise to see him awarded a unique special recognition award, never given before, for his goalkeeping excellence before runner up medals were presented.

So we’d gone from being 1 of 127 teams from across the country at the beginning of the tournament to being runners-up. We’re so proud of our team for reaching the final and for playing such a good match, representing Boroughbridge High School in the most positive of ways.

In the post-match interview Head of PE, oops I mean Manager, Simon Collings said ‘I’m super proud. The boys have done exceptionally well.’ He speaks for us all.

You can watch the full thing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to69iW8nF18 (from 8hrs 21)

The team with their runner up medals

On Thursday following the English Literature exam, Year 11 carried out the annual shirt signing leaving ritual. With signatures, inspiring messages for the future and the occasional diagram that it’s best I don’t mention, shirts soon became fully decorated. The Leavers’ Assembly was the focus for the afternoon with poignant words from Form tutors, certificates celebrating both the serious and amusing, performances from Bertie, photos spanning the last five years and messages of best wishes for the future. Some students then had a final game of football whilst others enjoyed the afternoon sun. A very happy sad moment. We’ve got around two more weeks of exams then we can all celebrate our time together at BHS at the Prom.

Year 13 were also saying their farewells to staff and other students at Cake Friday, marking the start of their study leave.

It’s been a short but momentous half term. I hope that you and your families have a lovely break.