Headteacher’s Blog: 25th January 2019

Students have been entering the Assembly Hall to the sound of Aretha Franklin singing, yes you guessed it, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Following on from last week’s Standards Assembly, Mrs Godsell-Wright has been reminding students of how their comprehension that we all have different skills and qualities, along with empathy for others, leads to a respectful team.

On my visits to Key Stage 3 classrooms this week, I’ve seen a plethora of challenging activities and engaged students. In Maths, Year 7 have grappled with mathematical equations to construct two-way tables along with quite literally, getting their bearings. In other areas of the school, students were performing their improvised sketches in Drama and producing a layered drawing in Art. Up in Science, I was invited to Mr Inglis’ Year 8 class to discuss a topic which, being a geographer, I’m very interested in – waste management! Students were keen to know not only how much waste we produce at BHS but also the plans that we have to reduce our production of waste. They’re currently working towards their Crest Award and, in advance of their visit to the Allerton Waste Recovery Park on Thursday, students have been investigating the impact of using palm oil, the advantages of electric cars and how 1 kg of plastic can produce 1 litre of oil. Thanks to AWRP for accommodating our trip and their interesting session aptly named ‘Rubbish isn’t Rubbish!’ Meanwhile, if you want to know why people choose to live near active volcanoes with all of their obvious hazards then just ask a Year 9 geographer!

Thanks to Year 10 parents who attended Parents’ Evening on Wednesday where students’ progress was discussed along with key actions to improve performance in the coming months. Year 10, of course, sit two of their GCSE options this year so the next few months are critical. It’s worth knowing that last week, at Year 11 Parents’ Evening, 40% of parents agreed that ‘The stage not age (doing 2 GCSEs in Year 10) has helped prepare them (students) better for their GCSE exams this Summer.’ with 48% strongly agreeing. Thanks for completing the questionnaires which we use to evaluate our practice and to identify changes needed for further improvement. All responses to the Parents’ Evening feedback questionnaires are published on our website at http://www.boroughbridgehigh.com/parents/parental-feedback/

Just as this Blog is popping into your Inbox, students with full Rewards points are clambering from their coach, having spent a happy few hours at the ice rink in Bradford for the first Rewards trip of this academic year. This is just one of the many ways in which we celebrate success. Last week, Mrs Godsell-Wright held Celebration breakfast buffets for the students in Years 8 and 9 who had made the most progress since the previous Progress Review Point.

We’ve got another busy week ahead. On Tuesday Evening, from 6-7pm, Mr Grierson will be leading a session for parents of boys in Years 10 and 11 as part of our strategy to support boys in bucking the national and BHS trend of girls outperforming boys. Students are welcome to come along too. On Wednesday, it’s our Sixth Form Open Evening from 6.30-8pm starting in the Main Hall.

As the temperatures have dropped this week, students have taken a much greater interest in the weather forecast. However, according to the Met Office, rumours of snow have been greatly exaggerated! Maybe next week!

Enjoy your weekend.