Headteacher’s Blog: 8th February 2019

Tuesday lunchtime saw a large group of students of differing year groups gathering outside the Library at the picnic benches. In the centre was Mr Inglis with a large bottle of fizzy drink who, after an engaging explanation, demonstrated the force of an erupting volcano! This was careful preparation for a visit to Marton cum Grafton Primary School on Thursday afternoon where Lily helped Mr Inglis to demonstrate quick and slow crystal formation before Verity and Aimee-Leigh demonstrated the aforementioned erupting volcanoes using bottles of fizzy drink and pimentos. Finally, Morgan singlehandedly demonstrated tectonic plate movement using a jar of treacle and biscuit continents! A good time was had by all. Well done Year 7!

It was a day of options for Year 9 on Wednesday when they experienced a 20 minute introduction to each of the option subjects during a Taster Day. The purpose was to give them more information to support their decision making over the coming weeks as they consider their GCSE subject choices. We’re really pleased with the varied curriculum that we’re able to offer students and our ‘Stage not Age’ approach which means that students complete two of their GCSEs in Year 10. Further information about Options will be published after half term before the Year 9 Parents’/Options’ Evening on Wednesday 13th March.

With the exam countdown well on the way, we’ll be advertising for exam invigilators on our website very soon.

This morning, Year 11 students heard of post-exam opportunities from the Flying Futures team whose mission is ‘Committed to empowering young people and their communities to make a difference and improve lives.’ Students learnt about the National Citizenship Service and how they can get involved over their extended summer holiday. There are four parts to the Service; Adventure, Discover, Action and Celebration. More information can be found here https://flyingfutures.org/service/national-citizen-service/

Finally, I’d like to draw your attention to a petition to increase funding for schools which is currently gaining substantial support across the country. The petition, at the time of writing has 62,255 signatures and at 100,000 signatures will be considered for debate in Parliament. I would encourage you to sign in support. It can be found at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/232220.

It’s Year 7 Parents’ Evening next Wednesday from 4-6.30pm. I’m sure that some conversations will mention the mini quiches that have been produced in vast quantities in Food Tech this week; ‘Holes’ which has been read and much discussed in English; and 4 and 6 figure grid references which have been learnt and demonstrated in Geography.

Enjoy your weekend!