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The Governing Body

Governors are the biggest group of voluntary workers in the UK. The role of this Governing Board is to ensure that children who attend our schools receive a great all-round education in an environment which is suitable for this purpose. All members of the school community work hard to ensure all children reach their full potential, are equipped for the next step in their education journey and become good citizens.

The Governing Board has three core functions as set out in the Department for Education (DfE) Governance Handbook:

1. ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

2. holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils and the performance management of staff

3. overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

A new joint Governing Body was created on 4th January 2021. There are 17 governors in total in the following categories:

  1. Two parent governors;
  2. One Local Authority governor;
  3. One staff governor;
  4. Two Headteachers;
  5. Eleven co-opted governors;
Category GIAS Category Name Start of Term End of Term  
Parent Elected by parents Richard Ebdon  04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Parent Elected by parents Vacancy   
Local Authority Nominated by LA and appointed by GB Sam Meneely09/02/2021 08/02/2025 
Staff Elected by staff TBA 
Headteacher BHS Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal Kathryn Stephenson 04/01/2021 Ex-officio 
Headteacher KJS Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal Carl Sugden 01/09/2021 Ex-officio 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Malcolm Dawson (Chair)04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Pat Dunnill 04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Rebecca Evans  04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB John Heap                  (Vice Chair)04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Brian Horner 04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Andrew Howard 04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Sarah Tabor  04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Andrew Town 04/01/2021 03/01/2025 
Co-opted Appointed by GB Ian Yapp 04/01/2021 03/01/2025 

Parent and staff governors are elected from a combined constituency of both schools.

It is important that the schools and their communities are represented, and the ability to co-opt governors ensures that fair representation and the required mix of skills are possible.


Lead Governors

Governors have taken on responsibilities for key areas of the oversight of the school:

Health & Safety/PremisesPat Dunnill, Brian Horner
SENAndy Town
Pupil Premium/Looked After ChildrenRichard Ebdon
Safeguarding/Child ProtectionSam Meneely, Leane Hulme
Curriculum (three in total to cover both schools with specialist areas to be identified in due course with the Headteachers)John Heap, Ian Yapp, Richard Ebdon
CareersRebecca Evans

If you would like to contact the Governors, please email Ruth Gregory, Clerk to the Federation Governors.