Blog: 14th January 2022

With the Spring Term now well underway, Key Stage 3 students have been engaged in a variety of practical activities. In Music, Year 7 have been chair drumming again to consolidate their rhythm work so the tunes of Franz Ferdinand and Smashmouth have been ringing out around the Music block. Year 8 have been learning to play the 12-bar blues on keyboards in their jazz topic and Year 9 have mastered the James Bond themes on guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles and keyboards as part of their sound tracks topic.

In ICT, in Years 8 and 9, students have started the Relevance project which is to gather research to explore ways of engaging more girls in computing in order to increase the number of girls who go on to study it further. So far, they have been exploring the impact technology has on the wider world as well as developing skills in programming so they can make an app on the website. Year 7 have been exploring iteration in programming using Scratch. They were challenged this week to create a range of shapes using iteration blocks and the pen tool. Some were able to use nested loops to make patterns.

In PE, a wide variety of sports have been played with Year 7 boys starting their rugby league sessions, with girls starting to learn how to compose their dance. Year 8 boys have been building on their badminton learning from last year whilst Year 8 girls have been taking inspiration from the success of the England women’s football team in their football lessons. Year 9 boys have just completed their rugby union sessions having enjoyed the perfect muddy conditions whilst the Year 9 girls were perfecting their badminton prowess, developing their doubles gameplay. Students have made great progress.

In DT, Year 9 are planning in order to make cushions and looking at the characteristics of different types of fabrics.

As you’re aware, we’ve also had our Ofsted visit this week. Thanks to those who completed the questionnaire.

This afternoon our Year 11 Football Team have travelled to Clitheroe for their fourth-round match in the PlayStation Small Schools’ Cup. We wish them well.

Have a lovely weekend!