Blog: 15th January 2021

As we move into the second week of remote learning, let’s begin by focusing on the learning taking place at Key Stage 3.

In Geography, Year 7 have spent the last two weeks consolidating map skills. Through solving puzzles and creating mystery maps, they have been practising using direction and grid references. To complete the topic of ‘Weather and Climate’ Year 8 have been learning how hurricanes form, creating a storyboard to show the different stages.  Some excellent work has been submitted by students investigating Hurricane Katrina, the world’s most expensive hurricane to date! Year 9 are continuing to investigate Tropical Rainforests and this week have begun to look at why they are such a valuable resource.

In Science Year 7 and 8 are looking into space. Challenging stuff as the next time they revisit this topic will be in Year 11 and, as Mr Errington says, which other subject lets you look back in time every time you look up at the stars?

Doing some time travel themselves, in Year 7 History students have been investigating how the Barons dealt with their frustrations towards King John’s rule, and how the Magna Carta came to be created in 1215. Zooming forward, Year 9 Historians are looking at the causes of World War Two whilst in Religious Studies, students are learning about the teachings the Buddha gave to help his followers manage the inevitable suffering that all people experience as part of the human condition with Year 7 students continuing their introduction to Buddhism and the Life of Siddhartha Gautama and asking the question “Where is happiness found?”

In French, Year 7 have been describing their personalities using complex adjectives and honing their pronunciation skills and, despite the snowy weather, Year 8 have been ordering their favourite ice cream flavours- une boule de glace au chocolat s’il vous plaît!

In Art & Design, as you can see, Year 7 have been using mark making to create tone, texture and form in their work on insects while in ICT, they have been exploring Scratch to develop their programming skills, using variables to store data such as the score. At a time when computers have taken on even greater significance, Year 8 have begun to look at how computers work, starting with identifying inputs, outputs and storage devices used in computers.

In DT, Years 7 and 8 have been looking at client and user needs whilst in Year 9 energy has been the focus with students looking at where it comes from and how sustainably it is produced whilst in Food Technology, Year 8 students have been set a practical linked to their theory lesson on carbohydrates.

In Maths, Year 7 have been investigating angles and using angle facts in problem solving, Year 8 have been finishing off algebra, working with some challenges whilst multiplying out double brackets and understanding inequalities. Meanwhile, Year 9 are studying compound measures (speed, distance, time & pressure, force, area) as part of the ratio and proportion unit.

Students have also been accessing their drum and piano lessons in a Google Meet lesson.

With an eye on the Sport England research that says that only 44.9% of children and young people are currently meeting the guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for an average of 60 minutes or more a day, the Strava Club has now gone live at Boroughbridge High School. This will help students to stay in touch with and motivate each other whilst they take part in their daily exercise. This coincides with the launch of the whole school ‘Couch to 5k’ challenge. Completing the weekly training through the NHS app will keep students active and provide a valuable break from the computer screen. To help document all the personal achievements each student has been tasked with creating a weekly activity blog to showcase their physical achievements and their creative writing skills.  Mr, Field reports that some Year 9 students have already submitted some fantastic examples and we are looking forward to receiving many more to see what activities everyone has been doing.

Having had a live session with Mr Grierson on Looking After Yourself during Lockdown, which will be a regular feature, next week Key Stage 3 students will begin their live subject sessions too.

They’ve gone really well for Key Stage 4 students this week with a Year 11 Maths group catching up via a live lesson with the focus on ensuring that students had access to the many resources used and know how to get the most out of them. Meanwhile, in French, students have enjoyed live lessons and practising ‘crazy’ translations live using ‘flippity’. The first live lesson with the GCSE PE group was a great success too with a fantastic turn out and some great work produced.

So, all year groups will start with their new timetable next week designed to support them in creating a good working routine whilst also ensuring that they experience a wide range of teaching and learning activities. Bring on Week 3!

Take care.