Blog 22nd January 2021

As we move into another week of lockdown, we will focus on what’s happening at Key stage 5…

We have been delighted by the dedication and engagement of our year 12 and year 13 students during lockdown.  They have been an absolute credit to themselves, their family and the school, and we are very proud of them.

Here’s a little flavour of the types of things that they have been doing:

Year 12 geographers  have been looking at the impacts of sea level rise on Kiribati and Canvey Island and putting our knowledge to the test practising some exam questions.

Y13 Psychologists have started work on forensic psychology, discussing the process of offender profiling. The Y12 Psychologists have explored and evaluated how we define abnormalities in the psychopathology topic.

Our historians are looking at the Sixteenth Century Counter Reformation in history and also the fascinating and diverse topics –

  • Y12 Why did the Liberals win a landslide victory in 1906?
  • Y13 Post War Britain, was there a cultural revolution in the 1960s?

Year 12 and 13 form time was led by the student leaders and we did a general knowledge quiz written by Hannah (with a small contribution from James with a Geography question) Currently Jess, Maisie, Megan and Emma are top of the leader board (the lack of football knowledge definitely held the staff team back!!)

A big thank those who have already sent in their applications for Sixth Form. The Federation with King James School gives them an offer of over 30 subjects.  The open evening information, video and prospectus are all on the website and you can email or post applications to Mrs Town, head of Sixth Form, at

For any students in need of support or careers guidance about what to do next, please contact Mrs Rainbow at

Finally, please keep a look out for information next week about the ‘virtual’ Year 11 taster day.

Take care and be safe