Blog: 17th June 2022

So, the long-awaited Summer weather is here at last! We’re hoping that it continues as we have a number of exciting events on the horizon next week. Following the success at the semi-finals, on Thursday students will be going to the Craven Athletics Championships at Giggleswick to represent BHS. Meanwhile, Year 11 will be sitting their final exam on Thursday and looking forward to their Leavers’ Assembly and Prom. Year 13 will finish their exams on Friday and are celebrating with a trip to Snozone.











Highlights in lessons this week include Year 7 and 8 Geographers who have been getting crafty. Year 7 have been making models of river basins and Year 8, flip books to show how coastal landforms change over time. In Year 7 Science, students were carrying out reactions with metal carbonates and acid, collecting carbon dioxide and testing this too. An impressive piece of practical work! As you can see, Year 8 have been transforming their human figure drawings into superheroes.

As you receive this Blog, Year 12 are at the Leeds Beckett UCAS Fair following their introduction to post-18 options over at King James’s School today.

In assemblies this week Mr. Grierson, in anticipation of the new timetable, has talked about new beginnings and that the best time to make a change is now.

In RE, Mr Woodward reports that Year 9 have begun their non-examined “Core” RE course with a focus on social justice for their first unit of work. This classwork will lead to them earning certification as part of the AQA accredited Unit Award Scheme. As they move into Year 10 students will work on a number of different units which explore various moral and social issues from a religious and secular perspective. This helps us fulfil our statutory obligation to ensure that all pupils across all key stages are taught high quality Religious Studies whilst also ensuring that students receive certification for their efforts. The course is non-examined and will, when the new time table begins, consist of one hour per fortnightly cycle. All work is completed in class before being moderated and sent off to AQA for accreditation. If parents/carers have any further questions about this part of the curriculum, please contact me via email:

You’ll have received the Parent/Carer letter today with information about the new timetable, Parents’ Evening and Uniform. Feedback is very welcome.

Have a lovely weekend.

Blog: 13th May 2022

You may remember completing a Wellbeing survey a couple of months ago. Mrs. Godsell-Wright wanted to give you an update saying, ‘Thank you to all parents and students that took the time to complete the wellbeing survey. From the results of the survey, we have conducted assemblies and recruited Wellbeing Ambassadors who will act as the student voice, making a positive contribution to our Climate for Learning. The students are also going to be the driving force for self-help as well as producing information points throughout the school that everyone can access for advice and support around mental health. From the parental feedback we have updated the website with some directions of different pathways of support and we will be implementing information evenings. We aim to review our progress at regular intervals and would very much appreciate further input from all.’

In school this week, Year 7 and 8 have risen to the challenge of their exams, showing great organisation and resilience. Post exams with Mrs. Price, Year 8 have been exploring tessellations. Following a discussion of M.C. Escher’s work, they have created their own tiles to tessellate, using them to complete some artwork. M.C. Escher was born in 1898 (1898 – 1972) and, as he was sickly as a child, used his time resting to draw. His love of Maths inspired his artwork. 

In MFL, students have been looking forward to this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest.  Mrs. Bailie says, ‘We have listened to some of the entries, speaking and writing in French about our opinions of them, before voting for our favourite.  So far, the Norwegian entry is proving very popular.’

Over the Easter break Mrs Bauwens reports, ‘Year 9 students have been investigating how volcanoes erupt to complete their topic on tectonic hazards. Some chose to make a 3D model and there were even a few volcanic explosions in various back gardens over the holiday!’

In Art, with Mrs. Hunter, students have been creating Peace Art, showing a message of Hope.

In assemblies this week, on behalf of the Head students, Mrs. Godsell-Wright has been outlining our whole school events to celebrate the UK Pride month of June. We’ll be creating form information presentations, Pride flags, carrying out a Scavenger Hunt and having a Colour Event. We started today by fundraising for the Mermaids Charity with a Bake Sale. 


It’s going to be a busy weekend of revision for our Year 10, 11 and 13 students as the exam season starts in earnest next week. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Blog: 29th April 2022

Headteacher’s Blog – 29th April 2022

I hope you had a lovely Easter break with time to relax with family and friends. We’ve had a really positive start to the Summer Term. Thank you for your support. 

In lessons this week, Years 7 and 8 have been taking on some challenging concepts in humanities. Mr. Woodward has been impressed in RE where students have been learning about the seven Deadly Sins and getting creative by designing skulls which each abstractly depict different vices to be avoided. This work has then led on to the consideration of questions such as: Can sin ever be good? Which sins are most difficult to avoid and why? Does the concept of sin have any use in countries like the UK where religious influence is decreasing in the general population? Pithy questions indeed. 

Meanwhile, in History, Year 7 have been assessing the significance of Kings over time comparing Edward the Confessor, William the Conqueror, Henry II, King John I and King Richard II. They have been travelling through History mapping rates of change, assessing impact of the changes and deciding how to best represent these with hills, speed limits and all sort of vehicles. Miss Whiles reports, ‘There has been some really impressive analysis showing good historical understanding and an ability to think like historians.’

Ten of our Year 9 girls have been developing their Sports leadership skills and are now ready to complete the final practicals for their leadership qualification. This is part of an initiative to engage girls and to increase participation along with creating good role models. Mrs Godsell-Wright says ‘The girls have been fabulous embracing and completing all the theory modules ready for the practical delivery of sessions. They are fab.’

Next Wednesday (4th May) from 6.30p.m.-7p.m., it’s our BTEC Drama Performance. Entry is free and all are welcome to attend.

We say farewell today to Mrs. Johnstone, our Data Manager and Examinations Officer. Our thanks go to her for her massive contribution to our school community. Not only has she taken on a number of key roles in school but she has also skilfully navigated the challenges of the many changes to the exam systems over the last two years, during the pandemic, to support students in doing their very best. We wish her well for the future. 

Mrs. Bloomfield has been working closely with Mrs. Johnstone and will be taking over exams for the Summer season. 

In assemblies this week, Mr. Woodward has started with the figure 75.7 and the challenge for students to predict what the figure represents. As the assembly unfurled it was revealed that there is a wide evidence base to suggest that the increase in levels of anxiety and stress may be linked to the fact that we now typically spend 92.3% of our lives indoors meaning that if we live to the average age of 82, we’ll have spent 75.7 years indoors! Amongst many things, students were introduced to friluftsliv, the Scandinavian concept of getting outdoors, linking that to the fact that these countries often rate most highly in happiness surveys. There’s a body of research that suggests that the greatest variable in happiness is linked to our location with people being happiest when they are in natural, green environments. So, there’s a clear message there and, with that in mind, I hope you have some time during this Bank Holiday weekend to visit the great outdoors and have a lovely weekend. 

It’s been a week of activities for International Week, led by our Head and Deputy Head students, inspired by Izzy. They took assemblies talking to students about how they could get involved in activities and help to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

In Year 9 Geography lessons, students have researched geographical information about an unfamiliar country of their choice. This information will be used to decorate a plate that will form part of a larger display of shared knowledge on different places in the world. In Food Technology Year 8 have been cooking chow mein whilst Year 7 have been perfecting bechamel sauce.

In Computing, Year 7 have been learning about cell references in spreadsheets to create flags from different countries.

Historians have been looking at celebrations across the world, finding out what and how other cultures celebrate. Students have been using their findings to create a display of world culture and celebration.

Desks were moved out of the Music Room, so that Year 8 musicians had the room for energetic samba band performances, as they learnt about Brazilian mu

sic. This lunchtime the Music block was filled with African drumming when the new space was filled with a djembe circle, filling the octagon with lots of noise and energy!

In Year 8 PE, students were playing the national sport of China, table tennis.

At lunchtime Year 7 and 8 students experienced the East Asian art of o

rigami. A number of different shapes were attempted and they even had small frogs jumping around the room!

We’ve also had form time quizzes, a scavenger hunt where students discovered how to say hello in many different languages and an International door form competition.

In the Dining Hall, Year 11 students including prefects and Head and Deputy Head students held an amazing Bake Sale, raising just under £400. In total, students raised a massive £829.64 for the Disasters Emergency Committee to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.


Year 8 Geographers take on plastic pollution

In Geography, Year 8 students have been learning about plastic pollution and the impact upon the world’s oceans. Students were inspired to create their own ‘Yorkshire souvenirs’ from waste items after learning about the innovative and creative ways that the Kenyan company ‘Ocean Sole’ are recycling one million flip flops per year. This drive to become more sustainable and increase our awareness of the fragile planet that we live on, prompted students to design and construct their own souvenirs for homework.







Introducing our Head and Deputy Head Students

Introducing our Head and Deputy Head students who were elected by students and staff at the end of the Autumn Term. They have a really pivotal role in our school working with the Student Council and the Staff Team to effect change for the benefit of all at Boroughbridge High School. They have big plans of what they’d like to achieve and have already started to have an impact. Read on to find out more.


From left to right, Phoebe, Carli, Emilia and Izzy

Hey, I’m Carli, and I am proud to represent Boroughbridge High School as one of the Head Students. In this role I would like to promote equality amongst my peers, particularly by organizing an LGBTQ+ day, fundraising for a local trans youth charity. As a member of the LGBTQ family it is important to me to promote equality, providing a safe space in our school for people to be who they are. I am also looking to collaborate with other Head Students and Prefects to help boost their own ideas to help better the school. More than anything I would just like to be a role model to other students at the school, being someone others can look up to and talk to.

Hi, I’m Emilia and I am one of our Head students at Boroughbridge High School. It’s really important to me that every student here feels included, safe, and like their ideas and opinions are being heard. This is why I am looking forward to using my position to improve the school environment and to work with the prefects, head students and student council for the changes we would like to see within our school. One of my ideas for this year is to find a way to offer support to younger students on things such as how to revise; I also hope to open up an indoor space for GCSE students to revise.


Hi, my name is Izzy, and I’m Deputy Head student at Boroughbridge High School. Having recently moved to the UK from overseas, I bring world and cultural knowledge to our student team, as well as resilience and determination. I’m a keen musician and artist and I value any experiences that make me a more rounded young adult. My aim is to make sure students at this school recognise how capable they are and that it’s okay to get things wrong.

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am one of the new Deputy Head students for this year. I love Boroughbridge High School and wanted the opportunity to help the school community as much as possible. During my time as Deputy Head Student, I hope to support and represent all students, making our school as good as I know it can be and a place where all students can feel that they are listened to and their ideas are taken on board. Personally, I would like to make sure that this year I can encourage and support the music and drama departments at Boroughbridge particularly, as I have been a part of them for many years and I consider them to be invaluable to our school, as well as implementing as many of the wonderful ideas that I know students from across the school to have.


We’ll look forward to updating you on their progress.

Blog: 5th February 2021

The early morning drive into school is starting to happen in something that doesn’t completely resemble winter darkness.  The first traces of bulbs planted are starting to pop their heads up around the school grounds as we anticipate explosions of colour decorating our beautiful campus.  We are one week away from half term and the first signs of spring give us hope of better times ahead.

This week has been officially designated ‘Children’s Mental Health Week, and every day of every week we are mindful of the mental health of the young people who we look after.   The theme for this year is ‘Express yourself’.  There are lots of great resources available at

In this week’s blog I thought I’d give you a little flavour of the types of things that we’ve doing to look after our young people’s mental health who come into school.

The importance of exercise is so important to help get the happy chemicals flowing and Mr Field has been providing a number of activities from badminton to football to fitness drills.  Mrs Godsell Wright has helped to provide some light relief with her dance classes in the dance studio – let’s do the time warp again and the macarena both popular.

At breaks and lunchtime, the hot chocolates have been popular, warming them up as our young people enjoyed sculpting the snow and having some playful snowball fights.

The importance of music was emphasised as Mr Grierson shared with the students ‘the top ten songs scientifically proven to make you happy – don’t stop him now cause he’s having a good time. Some of our talented musicians have been accessing our drum kit and guitars to give them a well-earned break from the computer screen.

Our pastoral team have been having one to one catch ups and staff and students have been boosting each other up with kind words of encouragement.

Since the last lockdown we’ve had a 500% increase in the number of children coming into school and this has made it increasingly challenging to deliver our remote learning and live lessons whilst keeping the school going, so if you’re a key worker and there is scope not to send your child into school some of the time, that would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and look after each other.

Blog Guest writer Mr Grierson Deputy Headteacher


Blog 22nd January 2021

As we move into another week of lockdown, we will focus on what’s happening at Key stage 5…

We have been delighted by the dedication and engagement of our year 12 and year 13 students during lockdown.  They have been an absolute credit to themselves, their family and the school, and we are very proud of them.

Here’s a little flavour of the types of things that they have been doing:

Year 12 geographers  have been looking at the impacts of sea level rise on Kiribati and Canvey Island and putting our knowledge to the test practising some exam questions.

Y13 Psychologists have started work on forensic psychology, discussing the process of offender profiling. The Y12 Psychologists have explored and evaluated how we define abnormalities in the psychopathology topic.

Our historians are looking at the Sixteenth Century Counter Reformation in history and also the fascinating and diverse topics –

  • Y12 Why did the Liberals win a landslide victory in 1906?
  • Y13 Post War Britain, was there a cultural revolution in the 1960s?

Year 12 and 13 form time was led by the student leaders and we did a general knowledge quiz written by Hannah (with a small contribution from James with a Geography question) Currently Jess, Maisie, Megan and Emma are top of the leader board (the lack of football knowledge definitely held the staff team back!!)

A big thank those who have already sent in their applications for Sixth Form. The Federation with King James School gives them an offer of over 30 subjects.  The open evening information, video and prospectus are all on the website and you can email or post applications to Mrs Town, head of Sixth Form, at

For any students in need of support or careers guidance about what to do next, please contact Mrs Rainbow at

Finally, please keep a look out for information next week about the ‘virtual’ Year 11 taster day.

Take care and be safe

Headteacher’s Blog: 12th July 2019

There was magic in the air on Wednesday when Year 5 and 6 students from Great Ouseburn visited us for their Harry Potter day. After drama, creative writing and leaf tracing in the morning, they finished the day in DT making their very own wand with a special box to keep it in. Meanwhile, in another part of school, Year 5 students from Kirby Hill were completing their Inquiry day and watching a preview of ‘We Will Rock You’.

It was lovely to receive a letter from the North Yorkshire County Schools FA congratulating the Year 8 Football team on reaching the final of the ESFA Small School’s Cup. You can see it here.

Today has also been a day of sporting excellence as we’ve had field events this morning and track events this afternoon for Sports Day. There was a fantastic atmosphere as students competing were encouraged by the cheering crowds with points being secured for form totals. We’ll reveal the winning forms at our whole school assembly next Friday.

As part of our Quality Assurance processes, lesson observations have been taking place across the school over the past few weeks and we’ve observed classes with students of all ages from Year 8 to Year 13. It’s been great to see the level of focus and engagement of our students in these first few weeks of our new timetable and school year.

So, with five (well, actually 4 and a half) school days to go we’ve got a number of exciting events to look forward to next week. This includes the Rewards trip on Tuesday where students who’ve scored the highest points, and therefore have been consistent in their committed approach to learning over the last term, will be going to Flamingo Land for the day.  Our congratulations go to those students. Our thanks go to Harron Homes who presented us with a cheque for £500 this morning to pay for the coaches for the Rewards Trip.

On Wednesday, we’ll have our final Challenge Day of the year. It’s a big day for Year 11 who, dressed for business, will be meeting with employers from the local community with a focus on interviews. Year 8 will be enjoying the great outdoors at Helmsley and Rievaulx Abbey. Year 9 will be exploring Healthy Lifestyles and Year 10 will be learning how to keep themselves safe. Year 13 will be looking to the future as they begin the UCAS application process following their work experience last week. A somewhat packed day!

Our warmest congratulations go to Mrs Donnelly and her family on the birth of a baby girl. Both mother and baby are well.

Have a lovely weekend. I’m going to start mine by watching the performance of ‘We Will Rock You’ at 7pm in the School Hall. You’re very welcome to join me.