Blog: 25th June 2021

It’s been a week of action with Year 12 Geographers travelling to Redcar sand dunes to study how and why the vegetation changes with distance from the sea in a psammosere.  This will help these A-Level students understand how to collect valid fieldwork data in preparation for them designing their own fieldwork investigation to do over the summer.  Mrs Bauwens reports that the weather was kind to them and the sun shone all day but they ran out of time for ice-cream!

Moving to conditions of a different kind, Year 7 students put on their winter clothing as they made their way to Xscape in Castleton with Mr Field and Mrs Simmonds. As you can see they had a great time and Years 8 and 9 (or 9 and 10 as they’ll be!) can look forward to their own ski trips in the coming weeks.

Following the success of securing the PE grant, this week Mr Field won a Monster Kickabout competition, receiving the prize of a £200 voucher and £1000 of PE equipment which included 30 footballs, on-pitch training equipment, bibs and an electric ball pump. They were put to immediate use in a monster kickabout penalty session.

Fundraising has been at the fore this week for Year 11 students completing National Citizen Service. They’ve been washing cars, selling plants and asking students to guess the number of sweets in a jar, in order to raise money for good local causes.

Someone who has done much fundraising over the years is Mrs Rainbow, our Careers Adviser and 6th Form Learning mentor. She’ll be leaving Boroughbridge High School at the end of next week and I’ll say more about her outstanding contribution to our school community in the next blog.

As part of our safety measures to ensure that students are safe, happy and successful, we’ve practised our Lockdown Drill today. As you would expect, students responded positively, understanding the importance of this sort of drill.  And for your information, over the Summer holidays, we’ll be installing a fence at the front of school to improve the security of the site.

And so we have our new school year and new timetable on Monday to look forward to. As you’ll be aware, we’re also changing how we organise school so that students are taught in subject areas. We’ve got an exciting week ahead.

Have a lovely weekend.