Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award

With a somewhat mixed weather forecast, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award Qualifying Expedition could have been thwarted but the resilience of our young people made sure that the expedition was a great success!

Mrs. Murphy reported that ‘All the students did brilliantly with a rather testing weekend.  On Saturday they were given false hope, with a lovely sunny start, but within 2 hours it had started raining, with thunder at times and it didn’t let up for another 5 hours!  Luckily it did stop in time for everyone to get to the campsite, so tents were pitched in the dry.  They cooked their food and had a relaxing evening by the tents chatting, no energy for sports this time.  Overnight there was rain, thunder and lightning but everyone stayed dry and it was brighter with clear skies in the morning.  The walking conditions were much nicer on Sunday, but we had lots of sore shoulders, backs and feet to contend with! The groups worked really well together, keeping up their morale and finished in good time.  A fantastic achievement, completed by all the 21 students who started!’