We currently have vacancies for two parent governors and are seeking nominations for an enthusiastic and committed parent or carer to join our governing board.

Across the Boroughbridge High School and King James’s School Federation we value positive and purposeful partnerships with parents, understanding the benefit that this brings to our students. One of the most significant ways in which parents and carers can contribute to the strategic direction of the school is to volunteer to be a parent governor.

Parent governors are valued members of the team and play a vital role in contributing towards the strategic direction of the Federation

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If you experience any issues completing the application form please email schooladmin@boroughbridgehigh.com

World Book Day

For World Book Day at Boroughbridge High School we’ve taken a DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) approach with teachers, for a couple of lessons in the day, choosing an extract from a favourite book or article relevant to their lesson, topic or subject and reading it aloud to the class before discussing it. So looking at a sample across school, in the Maths Department, Mrs Bloomfield read a passage to Year 7 from “The Number Devil – a Mathematical Adventure” by Hans Magnus Enzensberger which is a fun journey through the world of Mathematics through the eyes of a 12 year old boy who hates Maths but ends up dreaming about it!

In Mrs. Murphy’s Year 7 Maths lesson, student either read or wrote a short story involving a fraction. They then listened to the short stories, lots of food was mentioned in some really imaginative stories. Year 8 had a starter matching up descriptions with graphs. They were then shown a different graph and asked to write a short story that could be represented by the graph. Mrs. Murphy commented that ‘They all had a go and produced some stories that defied gravity.’

In Year 9 History, Mrs. Town read Chapter 1 of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ as they are starting to study the Holocaust.

In GCSE, Mr. Field shared an article tilted ‘Lizzy Yarnold: GB’s two-time Winter Olympic champion calls for stop on high-carbon sponsorship deals’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/winter-sports/64785138 which linked two topics that he has significant interest in; snowsports and the environment. The article also linked perfectly to the specification as it covered topics that students are about to learn about in GCSE PE, Commercialisation of sport.

Mr. Errington and his class read pages 52 to 55 of “Surely You’re joking, Mr Feynman” by R.P.Feynman. Mr. Errington says that ‘Richard Feynman was arguably the world’s greatest theoretical physicist and when I first read his books when I went to school in the 80’s, he inspired me to keep learning and my love of physics.’

In MFL, Y9 students looked at the bilingual (French & English) edition of ‘Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’ and heard excerpts in both languages. Madame Bailie reports that ‘They were very pleased with themselves to recognise some of the French vocabulary!’


Mr Woodward reports that in RE, ‘I read (in a slightly dramatic fashion) extracts from the Book of Job in the Bible to Y9 students as we analysed the Biblical response to the existence of unfair suffering in the world and then, during Lesson 5, extracts from Damian Hall’s “We Can’t Run Away From This” were shared in our exploration of the issue of climate change.’


So, not only did students get the opportunity to read and get an insight into their teachers’ reading but they may also have some ideas for future reading.

Creative Writing Competition

In December, our Year 7 students were involved in a creative writing competition organised by the English Department. Mr. Cockerill reports that ‘The creative writing competition was organised by the English Department in response to reading a selection of short stories from the Iridescent Adolescent anthology, published by the English and Media Centre. The quality of work submitted was of a very high standard. Winning students received a certificate, a writing journal and some chocolate. Some students submitted book cover designs too, for which there was a separate prize. Because of its success and popularity, we’re planning to run another competition again next term on the theme of a ‘journey’.’


Here are some of the competition winners receiving their certificates,


The Readathon has also been completed with students taking the opportunity to read whilst raising £75 for charity.

Congratulations to Year 11!

Congratulations to Year 11!

It’s been a day of celebration at Boroughbridge High School as students collected
their GCSE and BTEC results, many of them joined by their families. Students
have shown remarkable resilience over the last two years learning both within
school and remotely, working hard to gain some outstanding achievements and
securing their chosen destinations.

Notable achievements of students achieving top grades include:
Toby Naish (8 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8)
Melody Neale (8 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8)
Phoebe Hartley (5 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s)
Emilia Little (5 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s)
Grace Timoney (4 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s)
Will Frankland (4 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s)
Kiera Brocklesby (3 Grade 9s, 6 Grade 8s)

All are going on to study A Levels.

Headteacher Kathryn Stephenson said, ‘It has been an absolute pleasure to
congratulate students today on their excellent achievements. We are incredibly
proud of the way in which they have approached the challenges of the last
couple of years, showing great resilience throughout. The results also reflect the
commitment of the staff team and the continued support of our parents, carers
and governors. We are delighted that our students are now able to move
confidently into further study, apprenticeships and employment and we wish
them well for the future.’

A-Level Success

Students are celebrating their A Level success with destinations including the University of Chester, Edge Hill, Glasgow School of Art, University of Leeds and York St. John. 66% of grades awarded were A*-B and 89% A*-C. Students have shown great resilience over the last few years and we are incredibly proud of their achievements. Our congratulations go to them and we wish them well for the future.

Well-being Colour Run

On Thursday 14th July, 57 girls from across the year groups went to Dalby Forest for the inaugural Girls’ Well-being Colour Run. The event, hosted by North Yorkshire Sport, created an excellent opportunity for girls to complete well-being and physical activities with their friends. They heard inspirational talks from leading sportswomen before completing the 2km Colour Run course set within the forest, starting at Adderstone Field, with obstacles and challenges to complete. The theme throughout was enjoyment and, as you can see from the photos, there is no doubt that it was achieved!

Prom Celebration

Year 11 students celebrated their time at Boroughbridge High School with a Prom Event at The Bridge Inn on Friday 24th June. A variety of modes of transport, including a tractor and a stretch limousine, brought students to the venue and it was a great way for students and staff to mark the end of an era. We wish the class of 2022 well for the future!

It’s been a week of activities for International Week, led by our Head and Deputy Head students, inspired by Izzy. They took assemblies talking to students about how they could get involved in activities and help to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

In Year 9 Geography lessons, students have researched geographical information about an unfamiliar country of their choice. This information will be used to decorate a plate that will form part of a larger display of shared knowledge on different places in the world. In Food Technology Year 8 have been cooking chow mein whilst Year 7 have been perfecting bechamel sauce.

In Computing, Year 7 have been learning about cell references in spreadsheets to create flags from different countries.

Historians have been looking at celebrations across the world, finding out what and how other cultures celebrate. Students have been using their findings to create a display of world culture and celebration.

Desks were moved out of the Music Room, so that Year 8 musicians had the room for energetic samba band performances, as they learnt about Brazilian mu

sic. This lunchtime the Music block was filled with African drumming when the new space was filled with a djembe circle, filling the octagon with lots of noise and energy!

In Year 8 PE, students were playing the national sport of China, table tennis.

At lunchtime Year 7 and 8 students experienced the East Asian art of o

rigami. A number of different shapes were attempted and they even had small frogs jumping around the room!

We’ve also had form time quizzes, a scavenger hunt where students discovered how to say hello in many different languages and an International door form competition.

In the Dining Hall, Year 11 students including prefects and Head and Deputy Head students held an amazing Bake Sale, raising just under £400. In total, students raised a massive £829.64 for the Disasters Emergency Committee to support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.


Year 8 Geographers take on plastic pollution

In Geography, Year 8 students have been learning about plastic pollution and the impact upon the world’s oceans. Students were inspired to create their own ‘Yorkshire souvenirs’ from waste items after learning about the innovative and creative ways that the Kenyan company ‘Ocean Sole’ are recycling one million flip flops per year. This drive to become more sustainable and increase our awareness of the fragile planet that we live on, prompted students to design and construct their own souvenirs for homework.







Introducing our Head and Deputy Head Students

Introducing our Head and Deputy Head students who were elected by students and staff at the end of the Autumn Term. They have a really pivotal role in our school working with the Student Council and the Staff Team to effect change for the benefit of all at Boroughbridge High School. They have big plans of what they’d like to achieve and have already started to have an impact. Read on to find out more.


From left to right, Phoebe, Carli, Emilia and Izzy

Hey, I’m Carli, and I am proud to represent Boroughbridge High School as one of the Head Students. In this role I would like to promote equality amongst my peers, particularly by organizing an LGBTQ+ day, fundraising for a local trans youth charity. As a member of the LGBTQ family it is important to me to promote equality, providing a safe space in our school for people to be who they are. I am also looking to collaborate with other Head Students and Prefects to help boost their own ideas to help better the school. More than anything I would just like to be a role model to other students at the school, being someone others can look up to and talk to.

Hi, I’m Emilia and I am one of our Head students at Boroughbridge High School. It’s really important to me that every student here feels included, safe, and like their ideas and opinions are being heard. This is why I am looking forward to using my position to improve the school environment and to work with the prefects, head students and student council for the changes we would like to see within our school. One of my ideas for this year is to find a way to offer support to younger students on things such as how to revise; I also hope to open up an indoor space for GCSE students to revise.


Hi, my name is Izzy, and I’m Deputy Head student at Boroughbridge High School. Having recently moved to the UK from overseas, I bring world and cultural knowledge to our student team, as well as resilience and determination. I’m a keen musician and artist and I value any experiences that make me a more rounded young adult. My aim is to make sure students at this school recognise how capable they are and that it’s okay to get things wrong.

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am one of the new Deputy Head students for this year. I love Boroughbridge High School and wanted the opportunity to help the school community as much as possible. During my time as Deputy Head Student, I hope to support and represent all students, making our school as good as I know it can be and a place where all students can feel that they are listened to and their ideas are taken on board. Personally, I would like to make sure that this year I can encourage and support the music and drama departments at Boroughbridge particularly, as I have been a part of them for many years and I consider them to be invaluable to our school, as well as implementing as many of the wonderful ideas that I know students from across the school to have.


We’ll look forward to updating you on their progress.