Headteacher’s Blog – 19th January 2024

With the completion of a full cycle of the timetable, we’re now fully back into routine. A continued focus for us this term is to embed our three phases of learning which, as we’ve reported, is having a positive impact on focus in lessons along with the quality of responses to questions. If you want to know what it looks like in practice then this week I’ll focus on the Group and Pair work which has been taking place in classrooms across the school over the past week. As you can see, the important factor is that students ensure that their talk is about the activity being carried out.  In English, Year 7 students talked in pairs about the best way to sequence a series of pictures into a non-fiction story about a camping trip to the woods whilst in Music they have recalled and discussed in groups the main points to a story connected to a piece of music. In Geography they discussed the impacts, positive and negative, that different weather conditions can have. Up in Science Club, students worked effectively in teams to create lava lamps!





In Biology Year 9 students worked in small groups to find out how the conditions in greenhouses are manipulated to increase the profit of commercial plan growers.



In PE, due to the weather conditions and plummeting temperatures, students have been focusing on muscular strength and endurance as well as cardiovascular endurance by competing in sport related fitness circuits, working in pairs, leading and motivating one another.

In Year 11 Maths, students competed in teams to find and use the nth  term in different sequences. In GCSE RE, students have been discussing the most moral way to respond to the humanitarian crises caused by war which allowed some interesting solutions to issues being discussed in parliament this week.

In the Library on Thursday, 30 Year 10 students took part in a public speaking workshop delivered by the Speakers’ Trust charity. During the day, students were given the skills and the confidence to develop and deliver a speech on a topic they felt passionate about. The aim of the day was to increase students’ confidence and amplify their voices. The day ended with a group vote for the four best speeches.

This week has also seen the start of our work with the DfE Behaviour Hubs programme which is a national programme to improve behaviour in schools. As part of this we have been paired with an exemplary school who will guide us through a year of support. We’re looking forward to maximising the opportunities that this programme offers in continuing to develop and deepen our behaviour culture at pace.

In assemblies this week, Mr. Grierson has been exploring positive peer pressure, talking about how students can choose to make a positive choice in different situations along with a range of techniques which can be used to be assertive if they’re asked to do something that does not fit with their moral code.

In sporting news, the Year 10/11 boys’ football team had a 4-0 victory on Thursday evening with goals scored by Ted (2), Henry and Ed. Congratulations also go to Callum who saved a penalty.

Today you will have received the Consultation document regarding the proposal to change the age range at Boroughbridge High School, by ceasing the Sixth Form Provision with effect from 31st August.

Finally, a date for your diary. Our newly formed Friends of Boroughbridge High School parent/carer group are planning to hold a Curry and Quiz Night on Friday 8th March. We’re hoping to have as many teams as possible. Further details will follow.

Have a lovely weekend!