Headteacher’s Blog – 22nd December 2023

Well, what an excellent finish to the Autumn Term! During this week, students have demonstrated everything that is important to the Boroughbridge High School community to ensure we are safe, happy and successful.


Taking on the challenge of Snozone after school on Monday, Mr. Field reports ‘Monday proved to be an early white Christmas for 47 pupils as they developed their skiing skills at Snozone, Xscape.  The lucky pupils wrapped up in their snow gear and some donned skis and ski boots for the very first time.  There were a few slips and spills and they came to grasp the prospect of sliding down a snowy slope on skis but all revelled in the pure enjoyment of learning and playing on the snow.  It is hoped that future trips will provide pupils with more experience to develop their snow sports prowess and hopefully provide more Boroughbridge High School pupils with this great experience.’



Tuesday saw Boroughbridge High School’s first ever Tug of War competition. It’s quite hard to capture in words how fantastic the event was in terms of teamwork, inclusivity, competition and sheer joy. Each year group took their turn and form classes were cheered on and victors applauded whilst cheering tunes were played by our student technical team. Our thanks go to Mr. Field for organising the event and, as you can see, set the festive tone for the day!



On Thursday lunchtime, whilst Mr. Grierson was leading a very successful karaoke session with superb student participation in the Dining Hall, Miss Camy was presenting  Science Club with their challenge to make the tallest tower. She reports, ‘Most pupils concentrated on height, not giving enough thought to stability and their towers crumbled under the pressure! Mati and James however concentrated on giving their tower a strong base and were the winners!’



There has been lots of football focus over the last couple of weeks. Year 7 played, as you can see, on the night of the torrential storm. Mr. Field reports, ‘Despite the biblical rain the boys played some fantastic football, losing only one game, whilst winning and drawing two games.  The storm did not dampen the boys’ spirit and they showed great determination in their first outing in representing the school.  It is hoped that the Year 7 team will have more opportunities to demonstrate their football abilities as the year progresses and hopefully encounter success along the way.’



Meanwhile, the Year 9 football team have also been in action. Here they are after playing against King James’s School in the District Cup. Mr Field commented, ‘It was great to have lots of boys volunteer to be part of the team and we were able to take a full squad of 16 for the game.  The boys lost 5-1 but showed great resilience in their gameplay.’ 



On Thursday evening, we were delighted to welcome back the class of 2023 for Awards Evening. It was great to be able to celebrate all that is great about Boroughbridge High School before acknowledging all that was achieved by the class of 2023. 

Thinking of others in our community, with your support, last week we raised £91 from the cake and sweet sale. This has funded a Crisis at Christmas place, a Salvation Army Christmas donation and the remaining was donated to Harrogate Homeless Project. Alongside this, students across the school have written Christmas cards for our local care home and we’ve also collected a boot full of donations for the local food bank. 

And so to our whole school assembly this morning. As you’re aware, this has become a Boroughbridge High School tradition where we gather to celebrate our achievements, sharing many photos, awarding many certificate and enjoying performances and communal singing. We also announced the winners of the annual Christmas Door competition which has grown to new competitive heights particularly this year between Mr. Woodward’s form (10SW – right photo) and Dr. Lefley’s (7CL – left photo) who made it to the final two. Applause was used to determine the winner, with the final decision that it was a draw!



An excellent end to a successful term!

I hope that you and your family have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2024.