Headteacher’s Blog – 2nd February 2024

Students have been invited to ‘Make their Mark’ in assemblies with Mr. Grierson this week. UK Youth Parliament’s Make your Mark gives a unique opportunity for all young people aged between 11-18 to have their say about the biggest issue facing our young people. It is the only national vote available to under 18s in England. You can find out more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy56TGslDNY

We’ve also been able to celebrate students’ success in assemblies by awarding certificates to those students who have done consistently well in their Attitude to Learning, Behaviour for Learning and Homework, as shown in their recent tracking.

Following our focus in previous weeks on group work/pairwork and individual work, this week we’re looking at our final phase of learning, whole classwork.

Examples of this in the last week are, in Maths, Year 9 have completed whole class work to recap and retrieve prior learning of a range of topics in preparation for their progress exams next week whilst during other lessons, students built on their knowledge of circles and volumes of pyramids to find the volume and surface area of cones. Students’ contributions were helping to pull their learning together.

GCSE Historians, in whole class discussion, have been drawing comparisons between current tensions and the start of the Cold War after World War II.

Meanwhile Year 7 have been learning the sound en / an in French, which is the same sound but very different than in English. Students were required to repeat some of the most common words in French with that sound before writing down the meaning in their book.

And in Geography, Year 7 participated in whole class discussion around the factors which affect a microclimate.

A reminder that our Curriculum Progression Maps can be found at https://www.boroughbridgehigh.com/curriculum/subjects/ where you’ll be able to see how your child’s current studies fit into their longer-term curriculum and build upon previous knowledge.

You will be aware that Boroughbridge High School and King James’s School federated in January 2021. Governors and senior leaders have recently reflected on our shared vision and values and agreed the statements below. We hope you agree that this captures our commitment to working together to increase opportunity and excellence for young people in our community.

Federation Vision

A federation of schools united and strengthened by a shared commitment to working collaboratively, to limitless aspirations for every student, and to unlocking the potential in our community.


  • Fostering a positive learning climate for all
  • Promoting academic success and high standards
  • Encouraging positive, confident, and respectful citizens
  • Equipping students for success in a changing world
  • Building a culture of collaboration and partnership across the federation

Looking ahead, next week Year 9 will be demonstrating their progress during their exam week and we’ll look forward to Year 7 Parent/Carer Evening on Wednesday 7th February from 4-6.30p.m. The event is held online. The Public Consultation Meeting regarding the proposal to change the age range at Boroughbridge High School by ceasing the Sixth Form Provision with effect from 31st August 2024 will be held at 6p.m. on Thursday 8th February.

We break up next Friday for half term and a reminder that we have a Professional Development Day on Thursday 14th March when students do not attend school.

Have a lovely weekend!