Headteachers Blog – Sept 23rd 2022

Headteacher’s Blog – 23rd September 2022
As GCSE and BTEC options started in June, with the new timetable, they’re now well underway with students developing and building upon knowledge at a rapid rate.

In Food theory lessons, students have been exploring the difference between macronutrients and micronutrients whilst in practical lessons they have been developing their practical skills by making lasagne, homemade custard, cheese sauces and cheesecake. Hopefully, some of it made it home for tea!

Health and Social Care students have completed their draft of their first assignment/coursework piece entitled “How Life Affects Us” where they have chosen a person and written about their stages and developments in their lives. They’ve selected some interesting subjects such as Ozzy Osbourne, Ariana Grande and Lady Diana.

In Geography GCSE lessons students have been exploring the urban environment of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. They’ve been looking at the challenges and opportunities of living in this vibrant city and in particular how we can improve life for people living in the slums. They’ve got an exciting fieldtrip to look forward to next week but to a location closer to home!
Up in RE, students have been studying the ways in which Sikhism promotes equality and the Christian concept of God whilst in DT, students are working on Non-exam assessment content in preparation for their long assessment. They’ve looked at the theory associated with research and analysis to help with this. They are currently recapping drawing techniques.
In the Business world students have been exploring external influences on business, looking at how the economy and, in particular, interest rates and employment affect businesses. A definite topic of the time! In Computer Science, students are looking at the topic of computers from how the CPU works to types of secondary storage and software.

In French, students have been expressing their opinions on family and marriage as well as consolidating key grammatical concepts in the present and past tenses.

In GCSE Art students have been working on developing their skills in drawing & painting working with watercolours, acrylics, mixed media collages and lino printing.

In other news, the Scholastics Book Fair which has been held on Thursday and Friday has generated a great deal of interest with students buying their next good read.

We’re also thinking ahead to Year 5 and 6 Open Evening which we’ll be holding at school on Wednesday 12th October from 6 until 8.30pm. In order to prepare for the event, we’ll be closing school at 1.30pm. We’ll be looking forward to students coming back for the evening to show just what makes Boroughbridge High School a great place to be.

As part of the Open Evening, Miss Whiles is hoping with her classes to produce a local history display. Students are going to include the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Boroughbridge, the 40 year anniversary of the school and possibly some Archie White information. Student helpers will be working on the research for this as part of our Open Evening activities and you should have received the letter asking you to share your stories, memories and photos of the town and school if you attended. Please help if you can!

With best wishes for a lovely weekend!