Code of Conduct


All students are expected to attend lessons.  Persistent lateness or unexplained absence will be communicated to parents.  If you are ill or unable to attend school, your parent should notify the Office before 9.00 a.m by telephone or email to,  telephone 01423 323540 or email   Any unexplained absence will be unauthorised. Please note that if you receive bursary payments poor attendance can result in these been restricted. Students must liaise with subject teachers and collect / catch up on worked missed at the earliest opportunity.

 Dress Code:

Uniform in the Sixth Form is important. Our expectations are in line with many work places and you are a role model for younger students in the school.  You should follow the guidelines below:

SuitSmart business skirt or trousers
TiePlain shirt or blouse with collar
Plain Shirt with collarPlain cardigan/jumper with round neck or business jacket
Smart plain dark shoes Plain tights
Lanyard identification Smart plain dark shoes
Lanyard identification

No outdoor clothing should be worn inside the building.  No facial piercings or extreme hairstyles and only subtle jewellery/make up can be worn.

Behaviour and Respect

Students are expected to treat all staff and other students respectfully.  Students can expect to be treated with respect themselves.  As a role model for younger students, be aware of your behaviour at all times around school.  You are responsible for upholding basic expectations including reporting any damage to furniture or rooms, leaving rooms tidy and disposing of rubbish appropriately.

Gained Autonomy

As you progress in the Sixth Form you may gain autonomy and be permitted periods of time away from school to study.  These are negotiated and agreed with the Head of Sixth Form and given only to students after you have met the required standards in your tracking. Gained autonomy can be removed if it is believed it is more beneficial to your academic outcomes for you to be in school during that time. Unless, otherwise given permission, all students are expected to be in school every day.

All students are expected to be punctual to Form Registration every day.

Independent Study:

Coursework and homework deadlines should be met.  If you have any concerns you should liaise with your subject teacher or Sixth Form staff.  If you are struggling to meet deadlines, we will help you to manage your time more effectively.  Seek help as soon as you feel you need it, staff are here to support you.

If your teacher is absent, you must register at the Sixth Form Office. You will be set work and expected to complete it during the lesson time.  You should liaise with your teacher if you are unclear about what to do.

In Year 12, you will have 6 study periods timetabled per week and can expect to spend this time working on each of your subjects.  In Year 13, you can expect this to increase to 7 hours.

The recommendation for part time jobs is that they take up no more than one day at the weekend and one evening during the week. During your A Level studies it is expected that your academic work takes priority, as a full time student you should not agree to work any part time hours during the school day.

Signing in and out:

Students are issued with an identification lanyard which should be used daily when students arrive on site.  There are signing in machines in Sixth Form, Lower School Entrance and the Main Entrance.  Student should sign out whenever you leave the site.  Lanyards should be visible at all times and worn around the neck.

If students attend King James’ School for lessons, they should follow the procedures of the school regarding signing in and out. Students attending King James must make their way directly to the school transport at the correct time.

Sixth Form Study Areas

There are several study areas available to Sixth Form students.

The Study Room – Main area to study, where a quiet working atmosphere is expected.  Students can work in small groups or use the single study booths.  Computers and printer are available. Drinks and cold food are permitted in this area, but all litter must be placed in the bins provided and work areas left tidy.

S3 SILENT study room, where silent independent work is expected for those wishing to get on individually in a focussed atmosphere. There is limited access to computers and printer. Only cold drinks are permitted in this area, there is no food allowed in this space. This room will be unlocked on request by Mrs Rainbow.

Library in Main School – Generally available to Sixth Form students who wish to work independently.

General Classrooms – If a classroom is free, Sixth Form students can use it for the period to study.  If a teacher wishes to use it, students might be asked to leave.


We encourage all our students to be active and healthy and if you wish to take part in sport during your free time in school this is encouraged under the agreement that it is with the consent of the PE department and does not distract other lessons going on nearby. If you bring a football or other sports equipment in to school it must be stored in the Sixth Form Office.


The School site is a No Smoking area.  Do not smoke on the way to and from school or around the town at lunchtime. Remember you are a member of the school community and as such during the school day you represent the school at all times.

Use of Own Car

Some students pass their driving test whilst studying in Sixth Form.  If you wish to then drive to school, you must have attended the Safe Driving workshop and must notify the school office of the make of your vehicle and its registration number.  You must drive in a sensible manner on the site, follow the one-way system in the car park and be aware of others using the site.  Students should use the lower car park only.  You cannot leave at the end of the day until the buses have left the car park.

If you have lessons at King James’ School you must continue to use the transport provided, not your own car.   You are not permitted to transport other students to or from school or during the school day unless there is prior agreement from your parent.

All driving lessons should be booked outside of the school day. Driving tests are an authorised reason for absence and should be notified to Mrs Rainbow as soon as the date is known.


If you have any queries or concerns, please see your Form Tutor, Subject Teacher, or in Sixth Form Office , Learning Adviser or Mrs Town, Head of Sixth Form


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