Work Experience 2019

In July, our Year 12 Sixth Form students took the opportunity to work in a range or organisations and companies for a week of Work Experience.  Each student chose an area of interest to them and were involved in the planning to confirm their placements with employers.  Employers were very supportive in providing opportunities for students, to access appropriate and interesting work, which included –

NYCC Libraries  –  The student was very positive and developed excellent relationships with the team

Belzona Polymerics Ltd – He was eager, he listened to guidance and quickly became competent

NYCC Primary Education – She has an understanding of the expectations across the primary phase

FusionLX Ltd – A polite young man and proved to be very capable

GSPK Circuits Ltd – He is a credit to his school and family.  A good experience for our organisation

Newby Hall Gardens

NHS Harrogate Hospital

The Insurance Emporium

Johnson’s of Whixley

Green Tech Ltd

The Minster Equine Clinic

Marks & Spencer

On their return to school, students were asked what they had learnt and how they had benefitted from a week in the work place.  Comments included –

“I worked in a primary school, you need to be open-minded and throw yourself into it.”

“I feel I developed patience, empathy and a firm but fair attitude working with children.  It was quite stressful and exhausting.”

“I was shelving, processing and providing customer service.  I was surprised by the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.”

“I was involved in writing a report, planning for a newsletter, graphics and video design.  I now realise the importance of learning skills like communication, determination, attention to detail, IT and literacy.”

“I had a chance to try everything – marketing, practical work in the yard, sales, finance, buying and operations.  I discovered that office dogs exist too!”

“Work Experience has given me confidence to contact employers to apply for a job.  I would recommend to other young people they look at all the options and not to tie yourself down to one path.”

“The longer day at work didn’t feel long, as the work was so interesting and fun.”

“I feel confident now talking to a variety of people.  I saw that things don’t always go to plan.  Work experience gives you an amazing insight into a potential future career.