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Headteacher’s Blog: 17th November 2017

Time is marching on and we’re rapidly advancing towards that important, exciting, annual event, the Progress Exams (our description of Mock Exams)! We complete these in the lead up to the Christmas Break so that Year 10 and 11 students and their teachers can evaluate current progress and identify areas for improvement. Importantly, the information gathered from the Progress Exams is used by teachers to plan their lessons and interventions so that areas which students find difficult can be addressed. It also helps students to identify ways to improve their revision. You’ll already have received the timetable and students have their own copy too. Thinking further ahead, a reminder that our Sixth Form Open Evening is on 17th January.

Talking of the Sixth Form, there’s been some great Post-16 learning taking place this week. Year 12 Spanish students were discussing the possible solutions to unemployment. I suspect that you have a few opinions on this yourself but could you have a conversation in Spanish to share them? Later in the week the same students were deconstructing the novel ‘Como Agua Para Chocolate’. That’s ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ to you and me. By the powers of Google docs, students and Madame Reed were co-constructing their response.

Over in York, Year 12 and 13 Photography students were taking in the sights of the historic city and capturing them for all time. However, as Calista discovered, being in the great outdoors brings some challenges. Meanwhile Year 12 Psychologists were discussing the factors which, backed up by research, influence a jury. I was interested to hear that a regional accent was one of them! Over in DT, brazing was taking place as Harry was joining two pieces of metal to create a wind up fly trap which could be used in Low Income Countries to reduce mosquito bites and associated malaria.

The previous evening, Harry, who’s Head Boy, had spoken at the Full Governing Board evening outlining what he and the Head Girl have achieved in their time at the helm to date. What was really impressive was the quantity of activities which have been organised and carried out in school, as well as the charity work beyond school. One of the biggest changes that has taken place this year, is the introduction of a new student leadership model where a greater number of students have the opportunity to contribute to whole school decisions. The first tutor group survey is being completed as I type!

The Governors meeting was starting just as Year 10 parents were leaving Parents’ Evening.  It was another busy evening with lots of good informative conversations. Thank you for your ongoing support.

To mark Anti-Bullying Week, assemblies led by Mr Grierson have focused exactly on that with the phrase ‘Everyone different, everyone equal’ being explored. Students were reminded that it’s always best to tell someone if they find themselves in such a situation. Mr Grierson rounded off the assemblies with a performance of an anti-bullying version of the Beatles ‘Let it Be’ with student participation set up for the chorus. It has to be said that the loudest voice in the Hall was that of, yes you guessed it, Mr Grierson but students could be found throughout the week gently humming ‘Let it Be’ around the corridors.

This morning we hosted the Primary Headteacher cluster meeting. We’re hoping to further develop our work with our Partner Primaries and really appreciated the opportunity to take them around Boroughbridge High School so that they could see the students that they’d taught in previous years.

Finally, we were privileged to be visited by Professor Sir John Holman and Matthew Hickman who are based at York University and work for the Wellcome Trust. Mr Inglis described the many biomedical projects that he’s led both for students within our school and other schools in the area before being joined by the student teams who have investigated a plethora of topics including how to deal with an infection when antibiotics are not available.

I’ll update you on our Children in Need fundraising activities next week.

So, to close I’ll admit that we’re also rapidly advancing towards the Christmas Fair on 2nd December. Thanks for your contributions so far. Only 16 days to go.........



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