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Headteacher’s Blog 6/5/16

And so to the school's Summer Concert, with its various ensembles, duos and soloists.  Again, the  quality  and  enthusiasm was  marvellous,  and a  credit to Mrs Roberts and her tireless work in Music. The A Capella group Constantly Vocal, recently returned from the national finals in London, performed their competition set, along with a broad selection of others, including the Gospel Choir and their rendition of Belgium's 4th place Eurovision entry from 2015. 4th! They were robbed. Biggest injustice since Mr Heritage gave me out caught behind in 1980, Aston Comp vs. Dinnington Comp. To my dying breath I will swear that it brushed the pad.

Poignantly, this was the last concert at Boroughbridge for a number of performers, who leave us at the end of Y11 or 13 - Ben Laws-Williams, Ben Needham, Ben Messenger, Jack Higgott, Alex Schofield, Harry Hutchinson and Jacob Barfield.

Even the repeated sounding of a car alarm outside could not detract from the performances. Although to be fair, its metronomic insistence was quite helpful during the Chamber Group's Pachelbel's canon; it found the rhythmic intricacies of 'Happy' a little beyond its capabilities, however. In other pieces, Ms Allen was responsible for keeping the beat on the drum kit: the fact* that she is Keith Moon in a tribute act to The Who is always a challenge, when with every fibre of her being she wants to clatter into the drum break in Won't Get Fooled Again ( kids - ask your cool uncle). Mrs Roberts has to check her pockets for cherry bombs before every performance. It's no surprise that Mrs Adams from the office keeps asking her to join her Motörhead tribute band.

Talking of things going bang, Mr Inglis from Science is well underway with putting together his cluster of schools to work with us on a prestigious Wellcome Trust project to develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) projects, so more on that as it develops over the next year or so.

Next week we hope to make two significant staffing appointments - Assistant Headteacher, and Head of Science. There are other staffing changes too, which I will write to you about separately rather than in the blog.

Quite a few things are happening around the site in the next few weeks, including a refurbishment of the girls' changing rooms. We are also replacing all of the ageing PCs in the four main ICT classrooms. We're almost there with lockers. I'll be talking to students about how best to manage it, because we can't fit in as many lockers as we have students. There will have to be some sort of rental arrangement in place between yourselves and the school, but more on that shortly. We're also upgrading the school's ancient CCTV system. When you have to drop an old English penny into a slot and turn a handle to watch a shuttering sepia image, you know it's time to invest in new kit.

I've written before about the students who will be joining us in September from 6 Regiment Royal Logistics, when they are deployed to Dishforth. A couple of weeks ago a group of staff from ourselves and Dishforth Airbase Primary went out to meet the students and their parents, and the Army welfare team, to begin the detailed planning. It looks as though we should be welcoming around 30 students to our school, across all year groups. They are both anxious and excited about the move, which is no surprise. We are now making plans in school for how best to support them during their transition.

In predictable style, I was hoping to finish with a none too subtle nod to something from earlier in the piece, such as a Who song title, but you try fitting Quadrophenia or Pinball Wizard into a finely crafted text. Couldn’t even think of a substitute.