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Pearlised balloons bounced across the desks in the Art classroom on Tuesday morning, as Miss Rodgers and Year 8 tried to position them on to a cylinder of card in the first stage of what will undoubtedly be, over the coming weeks, an impressive gallery of head sculptures. Meanwhile, out on the field, the PE team were engaged in competitive sports out in the snow. Now that’s what I call commitment.

A different sort of competition was taking place in the Hall on Wednesday morning as Year 11 students went shoulder to shoulder to determine who was the tallest. The prize? A central position in the year group photo recording Year 11’s smiles for all time. The winner? Owen! The badminton team then hotfooted it over to York for a day of competitive matches with Stan remaining unbeaten.

In sports outside of school, Izzy in Year 7 is representing BHS in ‘Just for Schools’, a new initiative by British Show Jumping. Having had wins in both of her classes she’s qualified for the Winter Schools Championship. Well done Izzy. Kart racing is the sport of choice for Josh in Year 8 who is moving towards national level. We look forward to watching his progress.

Thanks to parents who attended the KS3 ASPIRE Parent Information Evening on Thursday. Since the Government removed National Curriculum levels, all schools have developed their own assessment system and it was really good to have the opportunity to discuss our approach and how it enables us to be aspirational for our students.

Mr Kennedy’s assemblies this week focused on futures and, talking of which, we have a number of events in the coming months to support students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 and their parents with exams and revision. Look out for the newsletter after half term.

All teachers long to hear the words, ‘This is the best lesson I’ve ever had’ and that happened in Science on Thursday when, following Miss Rayner’s dissection of a fish head to explore the gills (or as they call them, respiratory surfaces), Year 10 decided to take it a step further. They dissected the eyes to discover the lenses and then passed them around for all to see. Exciting stuff. Hope you weren’t eating your tea!

Have a lovely half term break!



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