Blog: 11th June 2021

Whilst it may not seem that long since Britain voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump was elected President of the USA and the Summer Olympics were held in Rio, it was in fact in the year that our Year 11 students were leaving their primary schools and joining the Boroughbridge High School community.

This week it’s been their time to reflect on their journey at Boroughbridge High School and enjoy a number of celebration leaving events.

Following their enjoyable trip to Flamingo Land prior to half term, students embarked on a number of activities this week which they’ve suggested over the last few weeks as to how they’d like to mark the end of their compulsory education. So they’ve created memory posters, nominated each other for Form Awards including categories from most enthusiastic, most courageous and best Christmas door organiser and participated in Form sporting challenges including dodgeball, rounders and benchball.

Then, on Wednesday, the tradition for shirt signing was continued with inspirational, kind or funny messages written to students from students and staff. Students then went to their Leavers’ Assembly where Mrs Godsell-Wright shared pictures from the past, award nominations were revealed and 11BR and 11SF were crowned the winners of the sporting challenges. Then, as is customary at these events, Mr Grierson was accompanied with his rendition of Wonderwall. Students had a leisurely lunch followed by a BBQ and, although they may deny it, could be found having an occasional dance to tracks such as ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

Above all, after the challenges of the last few months it was great to see students enjoying some quality time with their peers and the staff team. A perfect way to celebrate all that they have achieved. We wish the class of 2021 well for the future and will look forward to hearing about their future successes.

We are however delighted that we’ll see so many of them very soon when they return for National Citizen Service next week.

So, with this glorious weather forecast to last, have a lovely weekend!