Blog: 28th May 2021

On Thursday at last the clouds parted and the sun appeared with perfect timing for the Year 13 Celebration Trip to Flamingo Land. At the end of an intense half term it was a great way for them to spend some quality time together with staff who’ve supported them throughout. As you can see a good time was had by all with the day being extended further with a pizza party on their return.

And it’s been an emotional day today for Year 13 with a Leavers’ Presentation this morning where teaching staff and students had the opportunity to reminisce and celebrate all that they’ve achieved in their time at Boroughbridge High School.  Whilst Covid has dramatically changed the experience of Sixth Form that these students have had, they have shown remarkable resilience throughout and demonstrated their strength as a Year group team. This group of young people exemplify all that is in our mission statement. ‘To ensure that all students leave our school not only with the qualifications to access the next stage of their education or career of choice, but with the skills and confidence to make an active contribution to the communities to which they belong.’ Not only were their GCSE results two years ago above average but they have also developed the skills to ensure future success whilst having an incredible impact on our whole school community. They have performed at many concerts, supported in Key Stage 3 lessons, taken part in the appointment of new staff, led numerous lunchtime clubs for younger students and above all been excellent role models. So we give our thanks to Year 13 and wish them all the best for the future.

Today it was the turn of Year 11 to go to Flamingo Land and, as it’s been a rarity of late to have two consecutive fine days, we’ve been very lucky with the weather. They had a great day and this is the first of our Celebration Days for them with their final school day being Wednesday 9th June.

Thanks for your support throughout this half term. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and half term break!