Blog: 20th May 2022

Year 7 have been having an exciting practical time this week. In Food Technology, different flavoured flapjacks have been in abundance. You may have enjoyed one when it was brought home. Meanwhile in Science, at the end of last week, students combined their IT skills from their spreadsheet knowledge with their scientific knowledge to make their very own jumping bean, impressing Mr. Errington with their expertise. Races were then held  with Alf winning the competition.

This week they’ve been investigating the products produced when an acid reacts with metals producing hydrogen gas. They then tested the gas getting the familiar squeaky pop.

Down in Art, Year 7 have been producing their own Raku Inoue portraits of insects and other animals using natural art materials only i.e. flowers, twigs, leaves and stems. Raku was inspired by the ancient and traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. Mrs. Hunter says,’ I’ve really enjoyed making this with students. They did so well and are a talented bunch.’


The Year 10 Handball team had a great match earlier in the week. Although the score didn’t go our way, we’re looking forward to seeing how they get on in their next match.

In assemblies this week, Mrs Skilbeck and Mr. West have explored the theme of resilience. They talked about the challenges facing our young people before looking at the three stages towards resilience,

  1. Acknowledge the challenge
  2. Look for and accept the good things (accept the things you can’t change too!)
  3. Ask yourself, is this working for you?

For inspiration they then explored examples of people who have shown extraordinary resilience.

Have a lovely weekend!