Blog: 26th November 2021

Careers past, present and future have been the focus of Mr Grierson’s assemblies this week. In an ever-changing jobs market, highly influenced by technology, students reflected on jobs that no longer exist such as a lamplighter or working in a typing pool, before thinking of jobs which are increasing in demand now such as in health and social care. Students were asked to think about how jobs might change in the future. Who knows how many jobs will be generated by the ‘green’ agenda, for example?

Focusing on possible futures is a high priority for students in Years 10 and 11 who are currently preparing for their Progress Exams which begin next week. After the disruption of the last couple of years, this will give them the opportunity to develop and deepen their revision techniques and have the experience of sitting a sequence of exams.

Elections are also underway for Head Students with four Year 11 students beginning their impressive election campaign. Staff have seen election videos and letters this week to inform their votes and students will be able to get involved next week. We’ll let you know the outcome in due course.

Students from Years 9 and 10, along with the English Team, have been getting into the festive spirit with a trip to Middlesbrough Theatre last night to see ‘A Christmas Carol’. It was an excellent production with an interesting depiction of the ghosts which was enjoyed by all. Students will be studying this novella as part of their GCSE English Literature course so it was an excellent opportunity for them to experience live theatre as an introduction to the text.

Maintaining the festive theme, we’ll be Carol Singing in Boroughbridge on Wednesday evening as part of the late-night shopping event. We hope to see you there.

With wintry weather forecast, have a lovely weekend!