Blog: 9th September 2021

It’s been great to welcome students back into school this week following a very successful Summer for Boroughbridge High School. You may have seen the articles on the website sharing the successes of our Year 11 and Year 13 students who are now moving on to a range of destinations including further study, apprenticeships and employment. We also had a Year 6 Summer School which prepared students for the academic year ahead through a range of exciting activities from building a shanty town to creating an animation, baking cookies to making music and developing team building activities with the Fire Service.

We’ve also had a very positive start to the term with students returning with enthusiasm, approaching testing with great maturity and then quickly settling back into lessons and routines. We’ve taken the opportunity in assemblies to revisit our standards and our core commitment to ensuring that everyone in our community is safe, happy and successful.

It’s also been fantastic to welcome our new Year 7 students who are already making a positive contribution to our school community. They’ve been enjoying a wide variety of lessons across the curriculum. In Art, students are creating a Picasso inspired portrait, initially by playing ‘Roll a Picasso’ in which the roll of a dice decides which facial features they will include in their portraits. With safety at the fore, in Food Technology they’ve been developing their skills so that they can cut safely using the bridge and claw methods whilst in Science they’ve been looking at safety in the lab and in particular the hazard symbols that they need to know. Meanwhile in Design Technology, they’ve been challenged to create a graphic logo from their name. Following their first ICT lesson, students can now gain access to the school network and the joys of Google Classroom, whilst also learning about who is on the back of the new £50 note. Over in Humanities, in RE students have begun exploring the question of whether God exists by jumping right in at the deep end, studying the meaning of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s assertion that “God is dead and we have killed him!” whilst in Geography, students are investigating the question ‘What is Geography?’ looking at the different areas and locating popular human and physical features of the UK onto maps. And, if you’d like a weekend reading recommendation, you could join Year 7 in reading Philip Pullman’s exciting story ‘Clockwork’! So with Week 1 completed, there’ll be even more subjects to look forward to next week!

We’re also very pleased to welcome Mrs Gomersal to the Geography Team.

So at the end of a very successful week, have a lovely weekend!