Headteachers Blog – 25.11.22

Headteacher’s Blog – 25th November 2022

Assemblies this week, led by Mr. Grierson, have started with the statement ‘Scotland won the World Cup in 1966.’ with students being asked if they thought this statement was true or false. With some variance of opinion, Mr. Grierson revealed that it was indeed fake news and discussed with students about how to check out if the things that they are reading on social media are true following four points;

  1. Check the source
  2. Watch out for fake photos
  3. Check the story is in other places and
  4. Look for other signs such as lots of ads popping up when you press the link.

If you’d like to find out more, go to https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/skills/reading/b1-reading/how-to-spot-fake-news

Key Stage 4 students had an assembly on knife crime which has been delivered across schools in North Yorkshire by Martin Powell (Police mentor). It was very powerful message as he shared a case, captured on CCTV, in Scarborough where all five young people involved were jailed for a single fatal stabbing.

As the weather is now decidedly autumnal, a reminder that there are a number of clubs that students can attend at lunchtime. An outline can be found at


A Key Stage 3 History Club has been added this week and will take place every Thursday in B5 at 12.40p.m. Students will have the opportunity to make their own coat of arms.

Progress (mock) exams for students in Years 10 and 11 got underway this morning with the Food Exam followed by Biology this afternoon. They’ll continue next week. The timing of these is critical as it enables teachers and students to identify their strengths and areas that they need to work on and the outcomes will support teachers with their planning in the coming weeks.

In Sporting news this week on Monday we had 39 students participating in a Harrogate and Craven Cross-County event hosted by Ripon Grammar School whilst, yesterday afternoon, Year 10 boys took part in a football tournament hosted by Rossett School. We also took the opportunity on Monday for a school community viewing of the England match.

Year 7 and 8 students are currently in the middle of their Readathon. Watch out for the letter from Mrs. Wellock giving more information about our strategies to support students in developing a love of reading.

Thank you to the parents who attended the Curriculum Information Evening last night. We discussed curriculum but also so much more and it was incredibly helpful to gain feedback on many aspects of school life.

With the festive season almost upon us, this morning Mrs. Skilbeck took some Year 7 students to perform at the Ripon Cathedral Christmas Fair.

Have a lovely weekend!