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Letters To Parents



Please click on the links below to view the documents:

Y10 Return to School Letter

Y12 UCAS Session

Headteacher’s Letter 12th June 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 15th July 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 28th August 2020

Start of Term Letter 7th September 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 22nd September 2020

NYCC Covid 19 Reference Guide for Parents

PHE Letter to Parents – September 2020

Headteacher’s Letter 23rd October 2020

Face Coverings Letter November 2020

End of Term Letter December 2020 re Covid

January Return to School Letter – December 2020

Update Letter to Parents – 8th January 2020

OfQual Consultation re: GCSEs, AS and A-Levels

Y7 Remote Learning Timetable

Y8 Remote Learning Timetable

Y9 Remote Learning Timetable

Y10 Remote Learning Timetable

Y11 Remote Learning Timetable

Covid Testing Letter for Students’ Return to School

Return to School on 8th March 2021

Covid-19 Home Testing for Sixth Form

Covid and Uniform Update

Headteacher’s Update – Uniform and PE

Covid and New Timetable Update June 2021

Covid Update July 2021

End of Term Update July 2021

Start of Term Update September 2021

Covid Testing: January 2021

Return to School – January 2022

Latest Covid Testing Guidance – January 2022