FAQs: Induction Days

Who helps you get around?
The school ambassadors will stay with you all day and show you where to go. You will be in your new form groups for all of the induction days so that you get to make new friends straight away.

What will I need to bring with me?
You will need to bring basic stationery e.g. pencil, pen, ruler and rubber. About £3 or a packed lunch as well as a drink and a snack for break time. You’ll need your PE kit on the last Induction Day too.

What happens at lunchtime?
You will be taken to lunch by the ambassadors and the teacher, 10 minutes early so that you have time to choose where you want to sit and what you want to eat.


What happens if I get lost?
At first you will think the school is very large and think you will get lost, but when you arrive you will find your way easily; there are a lot of places that you will remember form your induction days too.

Are the teachers nice?
Yes, the teachers are friendly, especially your form tutor. They will take extra time to check that you are ok too.

How much homework will I get?
On your first two weeks at high school it seems like you get lots, but normally you get between one and two pieces a day and it takes you about 30 minutes to one hour a night.

James, Sophie, Jessica, Tess and Lucy