Student Experience

Hello year 6! Welcome to our year 7 experience page. Here a number of our year 7 students have written down some of their worries before they came to secondary school and how they have found their first year with us. We hope you enjoy hearing what year 7 is like and what exciting times await you at our school.

When I first joined the high school, I was nervous as ever. I was worried about being late and getting lost. In my eyes, this school was massive. It was a great chance to make new friends, and I did. I can only thank the teachers and the ambassadors. When you first move school you have that nervous dread in your mind, and I can now say that having induction days made me more comfortable at the school. Now that I have experienced one year, I am excited for the years to come.
In our school, we have school ambassadors; these people help you settle in at the school. You can also ask them anything, they are here to help. You will be next generation of ambassadors.

I was scared because I was the only one who came from my primary school and I didn’t know anybody but I soon found my friends. My favourite lessons are DT, science and Food Tech.

When I first came to Boroughbridge High School it was on the very last induction day; I had missed the first ones as I tried another school first so I felt a little left out. Most people had some idea about where they were going but I had no idea. It felt so strange, but the best thing you can do on the induction days is make as many friends as possible. It may be hard but every friendship starts with saying “hello” and it is as easy as that.
On my first official day of high school I was very nervous but also excited. I wondered if I would get lost, what would happen if I was late; it’s ok to feel like that though, it’s very normal. I found my way around school in the first week, it seems impossible but actually it’s quite small and the more time you spend in it. Lunchtime is quite easy on your first week as you get to go in early.

Before I came to high school, my main worries were getting too much homework and that the corridors would be really crowded. I was also worried about not making any friends. When I came to the transition days everyone was really friendly and I liked my form tutor. I enjoy the variety of lessons now; I particularly like Maths, IT and science.
I recently moved house but have decided to stay at Boroughbridge High School because my friends are here and I’m really happy!

When I first joined, I was scared about getting lost and I was scared of the idea of a big school, compared to our primary. I was scared about homework and it would be hard and too much. I’ve learned to come to love this school and every worry disappears. Everybody is happy to help, teachers, students and TAs. Homework isn’t too hard and you can’t get lost as the school goes round in a circle and you quickly find your way around.

When I first moved to Boroughbridge High School half way through Year 7, I was very nervous because I had just left another high school as I was not happy there. The tour of the school before I moved here was brilliant and all of the teachers were kind and friendly. When I had my first day here, I worried that everyone would hate me but I have made friends ridiculously fast and I found my first experience was amazing. Now I have been here for a little while it has been really fun and interesting and I haven’t had a single problem so far, and hope that I never will. I think that you will find that all the lessons are fun and you won’t get bored.

When I first joined, I had many questions that raced through my head, for example whether I would get lost. I thought I might have been separated from my friends from primary school or bullied (like in most movies), in reality, your first year goes really well and you naturally make lots of new friends, just like I did.

The school seems massive at first; I was dreading going round lessons as I was so scared of getting lost. Thankfully, we had tour guides (school ambassadors) to help us around. Just so you know, I never got lost, and to this day I still haven’t…

I made friends very quickly and I knew nobody! I was the only one from my primary school and I was scared but, there was no reason to be. Immediately I made friends because I said “hi”, and hung around some friendly people and eventually made three best friends and about ten people who I could having around and talk to.
Getting lost was a big thing but after you get where you should be in your head you’ll be fine. The teachers are very friendly and if you get lost or don’t know what to do, just ask someone.

I was scared coming to high school because I thought that I was going to be bullied and I would not make friends but I made a lovely set of mates.
I thought that I was going to get lost and the school was massive but when you get to know the school, it is small and there are people to help you get round.
I hope that you choose Boroughbridge High School; speaking from experience, it is amazing!