Y9 Great Exhibition

Year 9 Held the Great Exhibition in the hall where they displayed all that was great about the Victorian era, from honey cake to marbles!.

STEM Challenge Day

Year 10 were exploring the world of work in their STEM challenge day with visiting speakers from the advanced manufacturing sector, construction industry and engineering.

Y8 Homes of the future competition

Barratt Homes representative Claire came in this week to judge the year 8 Homes of the future competition. Seen here judging the entries and with the winning entry. The winners received a certificate and the company have kindly donated £75.00 towards the school library.

Normandy Visit

Long coach ride to Dover, ferry across the English channel to Calais and another long journey by road and finally, we were there! The journey was long and tiresome, but the pupils going on our French visit were excited. The weather was superb, and so was their behaviour.

On Tuesday we visited a boulangerie, where Eric demonstrated bread-making. We tasted the gorgeous bread, having selected our own choice of tasty toppings.

The Bayeux Tapestry is on everyone’s list to visit and the local people and the tourists commented on how well the pupils from Boroughbridge behaved.

Arromanches is the home of the 360° cinema; the children really enjoyed this new experience.

One of the highlights of the visit to the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. Here, the pupils coped admirably with the heightened security and again, other visitors commented on the excellent behaviour of our pupils.

At Chévres de la Saffrie, Year 7 had the amazing opportunity of milking the goats – this was very popular and a hands-on-experience that will be in their memories for a long time.

Of course, visiting another country with school is not just a fun-packed holiday with friends. This is a valuable opportunity to experience another culture, try different foods – yes, we did eat snails – and most importantly, speak to the local people and practise our French language skills.

The staff had a wonderful time too and it is with great pride that we thank our Boroughbridge High School pupils for making the visit to Normandie so special. Your behaviour at every place we visited and every experience that we enjoyed together, made us very proud of our school.


They climbed, they caved, they cycled, they trecked, they lit campfires, they scrambled in rivers, they abseiled, they went down zip wires. they solved problems, they work in teams,  they worked hard, they played hard, they developed new skills, they made new friends, they moved out of their comfort zone, they looked out for each other, they looked after the primary school Kids who were there, they were polite, they were helpful, they smiled, they laughed, when they fell down they got back up, they were determined, they were resilient , they all grew up a little.and finally they made us all proud to be part of team Boroughbridge.


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Rotary Chef Competition

16th Nov 2017

Joe Whatley, Year 9,  won the Boroughbridge High School round of the Rotary Club Chef Competition which involved producing a 2-course meal (main course and dessert) in 1 hour.  The meal needs to be healthy and within a budget of £10.  Well done Joe!