Blog: 21st May 2021

Whilst Year 10, 11 and 13 in-class assessments continue at pace, the prospect of a rewards trip to Flamingo Land is on the horizon for Years 11 and 13.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in school, Year 7 students have been looking to the future in English exploring how to ensure that their actions secure longer term environmental quality. The videos that they’ve produced portray a powerful message. Others have been producing movie trailers for the novel The Fire Eaters which they’ve just read.

In RE, Year 7 have been asking if the UK should ban the Burqa, exploring the law in France and asking if it is fair. With the weather somewhat inclement at the moment, Year 7 Geographers have been learning about the conditions needed for a hurricane to form and using songs to find out how they form, humming along was optional!

With Eurovision weekend on its way, in MFL, Year 7 have been judging their own Eurovision contest by watching performances and giving their own opinions in French. Magnifique! In Music, they’ve been creating their own sounds by chair drumming to Franz Ferdinand and songs from Shrek.

Taking on the athletics season in PE, Year 7 have been developing new skills in areas such as the High Jump. The PE team have been impressed with the encouragement and support that students have shown each other.

Putting their detective skills to the test in Drama, Year 8 have been creating their own Whodunit/Cluedo style murder mysteries whilst, in PE, a group of 7 students collectively threw the discus the height of the Eiffel Tower (5 throws each) and in a separate shot-put challenge collectively threw the height of the London eye.

In Art, Year 8 have been concentrating on observational drawings from secondary resources. They have been producing tonal drawing of chocolate bars, focusing on highlights, shadows and form.  In DT, students in Years 7 and 8 are taking on the buggy challenge which involves trying to make a buggy travel the furthest using elastic, air or chemical powered cars. All good fun!

A reminder that it’s a Professional Development Day on Wednesday 26th May when students do not attend school.

Have a lovely weekend!