Boroughbridge High School Peripatetic Music Lessons

Music lessons are offered as an extra-curricular activity at Boroughbridge High school. These are provided by both NYCC and Private instrumental teachers. Lessons are available for all students no matter the background and the school and local council can arrange suitable funding where necessary.  Fees and prices are different depending on the type of lesson and the teacher.

We offer a wide range of instrumental lessons; these are our current instrumental tutors:

Mrs E Foulds – Piano

Mrs Boston Barber – NYC – Strings and Piano

Mrs Weasling – Violin

Mr Hainsworth – Woodwind

Mr Williamson – NYC – Drums & Percussion

Mrs Garbutt – Singing – All styles

Mr Cobb – Brass and Guitar

Mr Pattison – Guitar (All Styles)

If you would like your student to learn a musical instrument please send me an email: