Student Leadership

We encourage all students to take on leadership opportunities so that they can make a wider contribution to the school. Student groups include the School Council who collect and share their views with Senior Leaders on a range of issues both in school and in the wider community. It also provides students which a means of making decisions and taking action to improve the lives of those around them.

Student Leadership structure

Student representative Council.

Head Students will be responsible for representing the school at community events and within school, some of these events are outside of school hours and attendance is expected by at least two Head Students at all such events.

Head students and their deputies are expected to attend all student representative meetings and at least two Head/ Deputy Head students are expected to attend the weekly student Council meetings and drive forward the development and impact of the student council within school. They will manage and direct meetings and delegate jobs amongst the team. They will be voted for by the Students and Staff.

2 x Deputy Head Students will support the Head Students and stand in for them in their absence. They are voted for by the student and staff as detailed in the election process above.

N.B The three Head Student roles replace the traditional roles of Head Boy and Girl, those carrying out these roles will be able to legitimately describe themselves as Head boy/ girl on applications should they wish as they will be fulfilling the role in all aspects.

Senior Ambassadors will be appointed through an application and interview process. These roles are open to application from any students in year 12 and 13. All members of the student representative council are to be actively involved in supporting all aspects of student leadership.

Year 11 Prefects – Are appointed through the Prefect application process and follow the guidelines set out in the job description for a Prefect, two representatives from the prefect body sit on the student representative Council.

Year Leaders are elected in a similar way to the Head Students and represent their individual year groups in the same way as the Head Students represent the school.

School Councillors – appointed by their peers and through approaching Mrs Town. – All students welcomed and each form should have at least one representative on the council. Two student councillors sit on the student representative council and feedback information. Student Council constitution details processes and roles.


Senior Student Leadership Team – Meetings are held once a fortnight

Student Representative Council- Meetings are held every half term

Student Council – Membership as detailed in the constitution – Meetings held weekly


Year 11 Prefects –  Appointed by application. Meetings held twice a half term during form time/ lunchtimes