Regular and punctual attendance is essential. No student should be absent from school without permission in advance, except through illness. Attendance and punctuality information is recorded on reports and sent home each learning cycle.

Report a student absence

If students are unwell, parents are asked to ring the school and leave a message, stating their name, their child’s name, form and the nature of their illness. We ask that you contact us each day that your child is absent unless you have given us an indication of how long the absence will last.

In the event of long term illness, parents are asked to contact the school as soon as possible and, where appropriate, work will be set for the student to complete at home.

When a student returns to school after illness, parents are requested to send a signed note of explanation to the form tutor. Students should copy up work when they return to school after illness.

Automated Texts

We take our safeguarding responsibility seriously and automated texts are sent daily to the contact numbers of parents/carers if a student is absent from morning registration (8.50am to 9.20am), where the school has received no reason for absence. Texts are sent on a daily basis, even when your child has been absent due to illness on previous days. We cannot assume that your child is still ill unless you have notified us. We would not wish to put your child at risk by failing to contact you.

Please ensure your child realises the importance of attending registration on time and getting their present mark. Parents/carers can also help by ensuring that we hold up to date contact numbers.

Medical appointments

Wherever possible, medical appointments (doctor, dentist) should be made before or after school, or during school holidays.

Late arrival

Students who arrive late (after 8.50am for the morning session and after 1.40pm for the afternoon session) should report to Reception and sign in. Failure to do so will result in an absent mark being recorded.

If students are persistently late, parents will be informed. Under Department for Education regulations, students who miss registration are regarded as absent.

Holidays in term time

Since September 2013 there has been a change to regulations regarding authorisation for student absence during term time. For further information about this and for a copy of the Request for Student Leave of Absence form, see the downloads below.