Parental Feedback

We appreciate the part that parents and carers play in ensuring their child’s success at school, believing in the value of a strong partnership with parents, students and teachers. Therefore, we will aim to share the information that will be useful to you.

You will have a personal log in for My Child at School which will enable you to access your child’s records so that you can see areas such as your child’s rewards and behaviour inputs as they happen.

We communicate in a number of ways which include a weekly Headteacher’s Blog, giving a flavour of what’s happening in the school, Parent Newsletters and through regularly updated information on our website. We also have Parent Information Evenings which focus on topics which can create challenges for young people.

We seek the views of parents and carers on a regular basis and use these to inform our decision making. For example, we have questionnaires after each Parents’ Evening, termly Parent Forum meetings and also send out surveys. However, we encourage parents to give feedback at any time and not to wait for a formal opportunity to do so.

Yr 7 Parents’ Evening Feed Feb 2020
Yr 10 Parents’ Evening Feedback Jan 2020
Yr 11 Parents’ Evening Feedback Jan 2020
Yr 8 Parents’ Evening Feedback Nov 19
Yr 7 Parents’ Evening Feed Oct 19
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