Presentation of work is always important.

  • Always head written work with a title and the date.
  • Always check your work for content, organisation and accuracy.
  • Take care with layout, making proper use of margins and paragraphs.

Independent Study

Independent study is any work or activity that you are expected to do outside lesson time, either during the school day or at home.  The work that you have completed in lessons will be uploaded to Google Classroom so that you can revisit it or catch up if you have been absent.

Homework is set by your teacher at a time which is appropriate so that it is an integral part of your learning. Most teachers will allow a set period of time (usually 2/3 days) to complete tasks. This allows you the opportunity to manage your independent study workload and seek further guidance if necessary. Some learning tasks may be required the next day (such as vocabulary learning in languages). Use your planner to record tasks, make sure the completion date is noted and plan your own work to meet deadlines.

Homework is set as follows:

At Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 and 9 Maths, Science, FT and French homework will be set weekly.  Art, Computing, DT, English, Geography, History, Music and RE, homework will be set every two weeks. For English, students will also be expected to read at home. In PE, homework will be set during the Fitness unit of work. In Drama, students complete a half-termly project.

At Key Stage 4

Homework will be based around the requirements of the GCSE or BTEC specification being studied. Homework will be set at least once per week and will consist of activities related to Coursework, focused research, written activities including exam questions and relevant Educake activities.

Student Responsibilities

  • You must ensure that you complete each task to the best of your ability and submit it on time
  • You must keep a record of when work is set, what the task is and when it is due in your planner.