Rewards & Sanctions

At Boroughbridge High School we recognise that everyone is responsible for creating a positive climate for learning.

Our standards are in place to secure a positive climate for learning.

  1. We maximise learning time – both quality and quantity.
  2. We respect ourselves and others.
  3. We follow instructions the first time.
  4. We understand our responsibility to make a positive contribution to our community.
  5. Our actions ensure that everyone in our community is safe, happy and therefore successful.

We have Aspiration for All and aim for excellence in all that we do.

Our Climate for Learning strategy at Boroughbridge High School was developed by the staff team to reflect the fact that behaviour at Boroughbridge High School is good with visitors frequently commenting on the positive atmosphere around school. Our Climate for Learning strategy recognises success and the contribution that students make to producing a positive climate for learning whilst also quickly addressing issues when our young people make poor choices.

Climate for Learning at Boroughbridge High School

Rewards Survey Results Letter

Rewards Survey Results