Rewards & Sanctions

Please click here to see our updated Behaviour for Learning Strategy which includes our expectations for each of the three different elements of learning: whole classwork, group and pair work, and individual work, to secure high quality learning for all students in all lessons.

At Boroughbridge High School we believe that
everyone is responsible for creating a positive climate for learning.

We maximise learning time – both quality and quantity.
We respect all – ourselves and others.

Our actions and behaviour ensure that everyone in our community feels safe and happy, therefore creating a climate where all can be successful.

We have Aspiration for All and aim for excellence in all that we do.

This ethos is underpinned by our standards and supported by our Rewards and Behaviour for Learning system.

Parents can view their child’s rewards and behaviour entries on My Child at School.

To view our Climate for Learning strategy, click here

Rewards Survey Results Letter

Rewards Survey Results