Student Voice

At Boroughbridge High School we take Student Voice seriously and believe that all our students have the right to be actively involved in our School Community. We have many other opportunities for students to participate in student voice activities and all students play an active role in the School Council. We believe that when students have the skills and tools to speak out, the effects can impact across their lives now and in the future. Listening to our students allows us to work as a team and form authentic partnerships.

Our Smart School Council

Key message:

  • This model is different to a traditional school council model – it includes ALL students in the school, rather than just a few.
  • That means that every student can benefit from developing a range of important skills for work and life,  such as oracy, literacy, reasoning, judgement, co-operation, negotiation, compromise and social skills

How does it work?

It’s got three elements; class meetings, action teams and a communication team.

  • Class meetings: Short, structured and student-led meetings these happen each term and focus on one question. They happen in every class across the school. Led by a student using the Class Meeting tool.
  • Action teams: Any students can set up an action team based on their interest or passion.
  • Communication team: Explores ways to implement change and progress. They communicate regularly with our Senior Leadership Team and Governors. They meet every week to develop the work of both Action Teams and the Council’s termly focus.

If you wish to join the School Council please see Mrs Town.

Teaching and Learning Group

This group is made up of students of all abilities and all year groups. They work on educational research projects with our outstanding teachers to help all our students develop an independence and understanding of their learning.  We believe is essential to their future success.

Through creating an environment for our students to be more active participants in their own learning, we are able to develop innovative teaching practices that allow students to take a mutual responsibility for their learning alongside their teachers in an effective partnership.

Student Voice Activities

Throughout their time at Boroughbridge High School we engage students in Student Voice Surveys to ensure that they are receiving the best education we can offer them. Departments complete regular Student Voice activities to ensure teaching and learning is consistently of a high standard. Exit surveys and transitions surveys are completed by all students at key points to ensure that the student’s experience of the school is the best it can be. All year 8 and 10 students have the opportunity to complete the Growing Up in North Yorkshire Survey Bi-annually. This allows us to ensure all our students feel well cared for pastorally and that they feel safe in school.